AT&T: Not many iPhone users have jumped to Verizon and Sprint

Remember when AT&T got the exclusive rights to sell Apple's iPhone here in the US? Remember how people were angry at AT&T for things like the loss of signal and dropped calls on the iPhone via their network? Remember how happy people said they were when AT&T lost their iPhone exclusive and could go to Verizon and later Sprint?

Well, according to AT&T, all that talk was, well, just talk in the end. reports that Glen Lurie, the president of emerging devices for the company, claims that AT&T's customer churn rate, (the amount of wireless subscribers it gains and loses at any one time), " ... has not moved at all." So if AT&T is to believed, the introduction of the iPhone on other wireless services hasn't created massive defections from their camp.

Indeed, the launch of the iPhone 4S last month has been so successful for AT&T that there are still supply issues. Lurie claimed that people who want to buy an iPhone 4S from AT&T are currently looking at a wait from a week to even two weeks before they receive one.

One of the big reasons why there haven't been huge defections is that AT&T customers are likely still stuck in long two year contract agreements. Breaking that contract means that customers might have to pay up to $300, if not more, in penalties.

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I'm the only one that is happy with AT&T? I can surf & talk at the same time (with work, I do that DAILY). Maybe 1 or 2 calls dropped in one month. I only use 1500-2000 minutes of voice a month. Most of my data is email. I've been off contract about 3 months, still grandfathered on the old unlimited plan...bought my last phone a year ago direct from a manufacturer so I wouldn't have to be tied down...just in case, but, I've been on at&t wireless/Cingular/AT&T since 2000, never really had an issues.

I have to wait until June next year and then I'm probably going to switch to Sprint. That being said, I have been happy with AT&T's service. The reason for me switching to Sprint is for family reasons.

The only reason I haven't is because AT&T is the only one that provides service at my house. Rest assured AT&T, if the others DID, I'd drop you in a heartbeat.

shockz said,
The only reason I haven't is because AT&T is the only one that provides service at my house. Rest assured AT&T, if the others DID, I'd drop you in a heartbeat.

Have you considered a regional carrier? They rent space on ATT cell sites.

Yeah, somehow I think AT&T is a bit biased... Just sayin'... lol

And to be honest, with contract terms and everything, it won't be an immediate bleed either.

techbeck said,
Yea, to bad AT&T has no, wait...

I am jumping ship for sure if the ATT and TMO merger goes thru. Hate ATT.

Just don't jump to Verizon. They are more or less the same company (both former bell). I'd look at sprint or a more regional carrier like us cellular. That's my plan at least when my Verizon plan is up.

I wonder if a lot people did jump ship if that would have made a good argument with the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger?

Anyway, unlimited data with Verizon is far better than being on AT&T. Especially since you are grandfathered in (before the July 6, 2011 cut-off) and most likely (99.99%) that the 6th generation of the iPhone will be a 4G LTE device.

I wonder if they mentioned the fact that they are bribing their off-contract customers with unlimited peak minutes and texting if they stay for the same rate they're paying now. I'd definitely stay with them if they offered me that!