Behold, the $1200 smartwatch with 41MP camera, Windows Phone compatibility

The Nokia Lumia 1020 made quite a few headlines after its launch last month, thanks in no small part to its hugely impressive 41-megapixel camera. If you like the idea of a highly portable camera with such a high resolution sensor, but you’re happy with your current smartphone, perhaps Swiss firm Hyetis has what you need.

Hyetis has announced its new Crossbow smartwatch, and the key differentiating feature is an integrated 41MP camera, featuring ZEISS optics, just like the cameras featured in Nokia’s flagship smartphones. As Pocket-lint notes, the camera points outwards from the body of the watch above the 12 o’clock position for point-and-shoot convenience.

While Crossbow includes its own touchscreen, it will also embrace connectivity with other devices, with compatibility promised for iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone 8 devices. WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity are included, while you’ll also find a microphone, altimeter, thermometer and various biometric sensors baked in.

Hyetis plans to open its pre-order book for Crossbow soon, but you’d better start saving now. Just 500 units will be made available initially, each with a $1200 price tag attached.

Source: Hyetis via Pocket-lint | images via Hyetis

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"Q. What is the watch autonomy?
A.Due to the double battery pack enclosed in the bands titanium parts the expected watch autonomy is 4 days with a major part on Stand-By mode. In an intensive use, CROSSBOW battery life will be comparable to your phones autonomy."

"Q. How do I charge the batteries?
A. Your CROSSBOW is delivered with an inductive pod and dedicated alimentation. You just have to let your CROSSBOW on this pod for a few hours to get a full charge"

spikey_richie said,
"In an intensive use, CROSSBOW battery life will be comparable to your phones autonomy."

meaning leaving it on the chargers at least once for 'a few hours' a day. that's a new definition for 'pathetic'. no thanks.

What a brilliant piece of technology. Not a big fan of a camera watch though but I would like to buy a watch which is a combination of the conventional three needle watch with a digital screen at its background to show time markers, date, weather and some bio metric readings etc etc

That looks like one of those spy cameras you used to be able to order out of the back of magazines. Maybe you still can. I just can't remember the last time I opened a magazine.

I have a $4K watch, which is on the low end of luxury watches, and i would never wear some crap like that!

Ishanx said,
There are quite a LOT of watches that cost more than that and a lot of people buy them, too.

That is true but I bet they don't look like someone strapped Decepticon Reflector to your wrist.

what's next glasses that can record ...oh wait /s
sorry I just had to say it but anyways this is very awkward I mean I think it would get uncomfortable after a while

Bad Man Duke said,
I'd feel like old school Megatron if I wore that thing.

Worryingly, the G1 toy has a more convincing transformation sequence.

It looks humongous. Wouldn't buy for $100, seriously, it's neat to have all that, but look at the size of the thing. Probably heavy too. And I already carry a phone that does pretty much the same thing.

Maybe for guys that are like a version of a nerdy Bear Grylls, definitely not for your average (rich) nerd.