Big idea: Wistron reveals its enormous 6.45-inch Windows Phone

Phones have been getting larger for some time now, but recent developments suggest that things might be getting a little bit out of hand. After Samsung unveiled its enormous 7-inch smartphone, the Galaxy W, this week, another manufacturer has decided that it's time to think bigger too, with a 6.45-inch Windows Phone. 

Unlike the Galaxy W, however, the Wistron Tiger won't be going on sale - at least, not in its current form. Wistron is an ODM that designs hardware for other companies, and its Tiger is a 'white label' reference design that it hopes will appeal to a company that wants to sell it under its own brand. 

As you can see from the images captured by, the design of the Tiger is somewhat plain, but that is fairly typical of a reference design, which is intended to be a 'barebones' showcase for the device, which can then be customized before going on sale. ODM customers will generally want to add their own branding to a reference design, but may also change its specs if desired - for example, adding more storage or additional colour options.

The device appears pretty slim and features a quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and aluminum bodywork, while the display offers Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution. One notable feature is the stereo speakers, positioned above and below the screen. 

Wistron is one of numerous ODMs developing Windows Phone reference designs since Microsoft dropped its licensing fees for the OS, but it remains to be seen if the Tiger ever finds a home in the product portfolio of another brand. The company was one of several ODMs named by Microsoft in a presentation at Computex at which several new Windows Phones made their first public appearance.

The largest Windows Phones currently on sale are Microsoft's Lumia 1320 and 1520, which both have 6-inch displays. 

Source: via GSM Arena | images via

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DonC said,
Is this the first WP device we've seen without the three hardware buttons at the bottom?

Yes this handset doesn't have hardware buttons but onscreen buttons,
But recently launched Lumia 630/635 also have onscreen buttons

Wall-swe said,
Nice and clean design! But cant say I have heard about Wistron before..

I think they are big on making stuff for other people.

Wistron was spun off from Acer. Like Foxconn, then make products for many other companies, including their former parent Acer.

Why not just use a Surface or a iPad as a cell phone, I do find it strange where people wanted smaller phones and now everyone wants a big phone I do not understand.

TsMkLg068426 said,
Why not just use a Surface or a iPad as a cell phone, I do find it strange where people wanted smaller phones and now everyone wants a big phone I do not understand.

People wanted small phones because Apple told them so. Which is not really what people want. For a smartphone it makes sense to have a bigger screen because of the abilities that a smartphone possesses as compared to feature phones.

Cosmocronos said,
The ability to split the screen in two and a pen would increase the potential value of 6" and up devices.

That could be possible considering WP and RT are to be merged and RT already has the snap functionality.

I think windows phones look extra bad at this size, all the flashy and moving tiles are a big huge mess. I feel stressed looking at the screen.

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