Blizzard to make Diablo III for PS3 and PS4 [Update]

As part of Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement on Wednesday, Blizzard Entertainment Senior Vice President Chris Metzen came on stage in a surprise appearance. He revealed that the developer is officially porting its hit RPG game Diablo III from the PC to Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles. It's the first time in a long time that Blizzard will be making games for a console platform.

Blizzard will launch Diablo III for both the PS3 and PS4, and it was revealed that the console version will have full screen co-op support for up to four people. While no gameplay footage was revealed, Blizzard stated that it will be showing more at PAX East in Boston later this year.

It's not yet clear if Diablo III will be a PlayStation exclusive or if it will appear on other consoles as well. However, the fact that Blizzard is finally developing console games after a long absence shows that the team is now working to break away from its PC exclusive roots.

It should be interesting to see how Blizzard handles console-based gameplay, especially for the PS4 controller with its touch screen. We suspect that Diablo III could be a massive seller if Blizzard can bring its addictive action-RPG gameplay to the console hardware.

Update: Blizzard has released more info, and the first screenshots, from the Diablo III console port.

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You guys crack me up seriously I can't stop laughing at 99% of every comment . And the Starcraft 2 comment - Millions and millions of sales prove you know nothing at all not a thing about blizzard .

Clearly the game was created with consoles in mind in the first place. If you think about it from this perspective, many of the truly awful problems and inexplicable decisions of Diablo 3's release make complete sense.

So, does this mean Starcraft Ghost is going to finally be a reality, since they understand consoles now (hopefully..)?

1Pixel said,

D3 is ****.

True, and I think when they dumb'ed down the spells and abilities on the tool bars we all kind of knew it was heading for the console. I expected it to be on the 360 at release to be honest, but what ever...

It does leave me wondering if it'll have controller support on the PC or is it just going to be ported over to the playstation and then the PC players get back ports from there on in?

Personally, I felt that torchlight II was a much better dungeon crawler then D3, but I think most of it comes from the friendly cartoon style graphics that remind me of World of Warcraft (that unfortunately also went down the pan).

lomas said,
Good news if true...

Diablo is the best RPG game ever created..

Good lord, I bet you haven't played the first two.

sagum said,
True, and I think when they dumb'ed down the spells and abilities on the tool bars we all kind of knew it was heading for the console.

Indeed. This move explains a lot about the game. We've been playing a beta for the consoles. The game is pretty good but is nothing in comparison to D2.

I don't really care for Diablo III at all, but it'd be interesting if this was for Playstation only (in regards to the console market).

It isn't, that's why they didn't say it was exclusive. It's going multiplatform, like most of the titles at the conference.
And to tell you the truth, I don't really care. It was a mediocre game in comparison to the first two and will be 2 years old when it will be released.