Free app brings Galaxy S4 feature to almost all Android phones

As one of the flagship Android phones, the Galaxy S4 includes a bundle of different Samsung features. Not all of them were fantastic, as Tim Schiesser observes in his review, but the ability to take a call without touching the screen is a novel idea.

'Air Call Accept' on the Play Store offers the same functionality to any Android device with a proximity sensor, going as far back as Android 1.6. The app has some pedigree, having been developed by the same people as WiFi Mouse. The paid version of Air Call Accept is £1.95, and it includes the ability to send email with rejected calls, reject calls, and enable speakerphone upon pick-up.

As of right now, reviews give the free version an overall of 4.0, with users confirming the app works on a handful of phones. Among those phones are the S3, Note 2, and Oppo Find 5. Not every phone has been a success however; one person claims it does not work on their Droid Razr Maxx.

If nothing else, it's nice to have the functionality made available outside of Samsung's flagship.

Via: Phones Review, Source: Air Call Accept Free & Paid (Google Play)

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Sigh. What's wrong with CHOICE? Many apps are ad supported and if you'd like to pay they're removed. How is this bad for anyone? It's not.

I would much rather pay to support a developer than use freeware stuff loaded with heck knows what. Cool app.

Everyone moaned software was expensive when the minimum price for any software was $10, now you can get software for under $2 people still moan.

neohelp said,
....Shame it is paid....

THIS, is Android's biggest problem. Because people hear that something is 'free' they don't want to cough up dough on more software.

Microsoft use this as a talking point to entice developers to build for WP, citing the app leaders in googl store are all free apps, while paid apps get very little traction.

Don't worry neohelp, someone will rip the APK, load it with malware and then offer it back to you for free on your rooted phone.
Android is the BEST!!!!!

Article title: "Free app brings Galaxy S4 feature to ALMOST ALL Android phones"

Article content: "..with users confirming the app works on A HANDFUL of phones"

...there's quite some difference between "almost all" and just "a handful", Neowin!

I think the difference is that the software developers claim it works on "almost all" but only "a handful" of comments have confirmed it - at least that's what I think when I read it =P