GeForce GTX 770 Review: Adding Value to High-End GFX?

Having taken the covers off the GeForce GTX 780 a week ago, Nvidia is ready to release their next part in the GeForce 700 series. Giving us our first look at the GeForce GTX 770 is Gainward, with their special Phantom edition card featuring an upgraded cooling solution, factory overclocking, and 8-phase PWM.

Earlier rumors indicated that the GTX 770's specifications would be much like a GTX 680 on steroids, and as it turns out that's exactly what it is. The GTX 770 features the fastest GDDR5 memory we have ever seen at 7GHz. Memory at that clock rate is good for a peak bandwidth of 224GB/s, 16% more than the GTX 680. Therefore, technically if you could overclock a GTX 680 well enough you could create a GTX 770.

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I was worried they would pull a simple rebrand, but they managed to get a pretty nice overclock for their surplus 680s there, congratulations. Nvidia hating Charlie has been only semi-accurate again.

GFX? You mean "graphics?" Are folks on Neowin illiterate these days or something? Or should I ask, "r u abl 2 write w/real wordz?"

Skwerl said,
GFX? You mean "graphics?" Are folks on Neowin illiterate these days or something? Or should I ask, "r u abl 2 write w/real wordz?"

while I get where you are coming from, GFX has always been a well known and used abbreviation in computer speak looong before txt trash talk

just as CPU, GPU, GFX, HDD, FDD, USB etc

Well, the rest of those are all legitimate *abbreviations* for long, multiword items. GFX isn't.
It's just four characters shorter than "graphics" and two characters shorter than "video." There's a difference between abbreviating and being lazy or using leet speak in a headline. I love this site and when I see something like this, it makes me cringe because it takes the quality down a notch.

Nice card. Just ordered a 780 after having a 660 for almost a year. TBH, despite being a budget card, the 660 played every game I threw at it at highest or close to highest settings. The main reason the new cards are more appealing is because they've increased the "cuda cores" substantially which means things like Adobe CS will render much faster...which was the only reason I could justify the expense. As usual for most, it's a two generation upgrade rule to make the numbers work.

So this is basically the GHz edition of nVidia cards ?

Honestly it's hard to be impressed by this card. I curently own a 670. The peformance difference is nice but this card should be sold at the same price as the 670. This is usually how it goes when a new generation comes out. The bump in power consumption and price from a 670 makes the around 10fps increase in performance not all that great.

This card is basically performing like a 7970GHz for the same price as the 7970GHz. Worst if i am to believe Anandtech nVidia lost its load power consumption and temp advantage. The load power consumption and temp of this card are mostly the same as a 7970GHz.

There's a reason i went with the 670. The 680 and 7970 were too expensive and so is this card.

It's a good thing tough. No reason to upgrade.

They are. Chips themselves are about the size of LGA2011 CPU. Have been for quite some time now. It's their own "motherboard", so to speak, with all the VRAM, power delivery, multiple output connectors and fancy (but very necessary) cooling that takes all the damn room.