Giveaway: Digital Storm Vanquish II gaming PC [Updated with winner!]

Perhaps you've noticed that Neowin's design has changed a bit today. We're pretty proud of our new look and we hope that it'll be a great way to get you even more of the best technology news, views and reviews that you expect from us. From the larger images illustrating each article to the bold stories at the top of the page, the design is the result of many months of hard work.

To help celebrate our launch, we're going to be giving some stuff away to our loyal readers as a way to say "thank you" for making Neowin such a great place to stay on top of what's happening in tech. While the exact list of prizes will remain a secret, we're starting off with a big bang by giving away the Digital Storm Vanquish II. This is a high end custom gaming rig, and if you missed the review, take a few minutes to read about all of the features it has.

How do you enter? We're using Rafflecopter for tracking, but have provided a lot of different options for folks, including a way to enter without using social media since we know many people don't like Facebook and Twitter. That said, we have to push social media because that's one of the things companies like Digital Storm look at when deciding whether to allow us to give away the products we review.

The entrance methods are:

  • Go to Facebook and "like" the Neowin page
  • Follow Neowin's Twitter feed (@Neowinfeed)
  • Follow my Twitter feed for information on technology and security (@Fezmid)
  • Follow Digital Storm's Twitter feed for more information on custom PC rigs
  • Tweet the message described in the Tweet function of Rafflecopter below
  • Make a comment below letting us know the good and bad of the new design
  • Did you know Neowin has forums? If so, what's your favorite? If not, check them out and let us know which sounds the best for you

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest is open to anyone in the world, but keep in mind that you'll be responsible for any taxes and fees. You should also review our legal terms if you have any questions.

The contest will run until August 31st, so be sure to enter and good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations go out to Neowin reader, Sikh! His entry stating that the Internet, Network & Security forum was his favorite was the one that was randomly selected by Rafflecopter to win! If you didn't win, don't worry: We have a few more giveaways lined up to celebrate our redesign, and one of them is an even bigger prize than the Digital Storm Vanquish II, so stay tuned!

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Always good when it's not someone new who's just signed up to win something, and is a longer established forum member. Congrats!

I really like the new layout. I like when they disappear when i'm scrolling down. My favorite part is the font of the comment on the mobile site. I don't know what kind of font that is, it's just lovely to read.

My favorite forum on neowin is their member review. It's fun and mostly really honest.

Wannes said,
It seems that Rafflecopter does this when a contest ends.

That's correct, when the contest ends, Rafflecopter clears the data from the widget. We had over 17000 entries though. :)

The whole theme is a lot better than the last one. I however do not prefer the main news listing as each individual post is comparably big. I have to scroll a lot to see the old postings.

I would love to win this. I built my own PC about 5 years ago it is getting long in the tooth. Digital Storm makes some awesome gaming PCs.

The redesign is vastly superior and more modern than the old site. Good job!

refreshed, sleek design inline with most new blogs/sites
modern style matches modern systems (i prefer it with windows 8.1)
quicker to see/find content that matters
well thought-out layout, more unified search

a bit slower to load information
rendering of toolbars lags a bit on the draw
scaling of images doesn't work very well at zoomed level 110% 125% (using chrome)
more pop ups (coincidence?)

Do want, but I don't do Facebook or Twitter.

The front of the tower reminds me of my own box, but two fans instead of one. It is not impressive due to the grid (sans technical term).

Do want, but I don't do Facebook or Twitter.

The front of the tower reminds me of my own box, but two fans instead of one. It is not impressive due to the grid (sans technical term).

I like it :) I love Darkside! Using the old layout style, I prefer it. I just don't like the huge banner with the selected news at the top..It's too big..Other than that, I like it :) And I don't mind the hiding menu too much. Scales nicely too!
I use the forums often, usually checking out the programming sections, and Linux.

Nice site but I agree with others about the hidden top bar being annoying. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, good luck everyone!

I like the new design. It looks amazing. It gives it a more distingushed look and a very nice and tech based look. Its very slick..

I'd make the number of comments for each story on the home page more prominent, besides that it's perhaps the best Neowin upgrade

Very slick layout and design. Thought the auto-disappearing nav bar would be gimmicky, but so far it has been nice.

Liking the new layout for the most part but like some other people im not super keen on the hidden menus. Now give me a new gaming rig darn it!

Nice rig...maybe a bit short on RAM and USB ports, but nice GPU. While my current rig is a bit hotter, this would make a good 2nd box for LAN parties.

many replies...
anyway, it looks like a pretty sweet machine for the price. Seems like nice ventilation.
I'm not a fan of onboard sound but in the price point I guess it works. I get it would make
a nice music recording machine for me :) thanks

I preferred the old layout. Didn't you learn from Microsoft that it's best not to hide menus. Used to be one click to get to the software page now it takes several.

I like the new layout, but the default color scheme needs more contrast. "Switch to darkside" is not an acceptable solution.

Clean new interface; only downside - some elements are a bit too big for my personal preference - but hey... that's just me ;)

Loving the new site design, been too long since I upgraded so would love the prize.

Love: that it could be mine!!!
Bad: that it isn't mine :(

This giveaway tempted me enough to post my first comment in over five years of going through tech news from this website. While there is a need to scroll down more than before the design does look appealing to the eyes.

If i win it could be a change for my desktop. Why not me? ; )

Love the new look, fits right in with most other company changes around the web and OS world. It does seem to be a bit slow though...

The new look is fine, but it's not the best. I appreciate that the new design doesn't add clutter; the flow of posts is still easy to follow. The dark theme is great, I don't get why other websites don't offer dark themes, it's just so much easier on the eyes.

On the other hand, the auto-hide top-bar is IMHO superfluous, and the site is slightly sluggish on laptops (i72620m here, so not a slow cpu either), and I still like the old Slashdot style look (it's more spartan, and you get to see more posts without having to scroll).

All in all, kudos on not breaking readability, but I think we don't need all the web 2.0 features.

I love the new design as its simple, clean and follows the minimalistic flat design of windows. I think the new Neowin site merges perfectly with windows :-)

Oh and the new mobile site is excellent on my phone and tablet.

I really like the new design except that it seems to scroll quite slowly in chrome on Mac. Might just be my machine though, I will have to test it elsewhere.

I like the new design (especially the Auto option to switch the scheme according to the time), but it's missing the two sets of notifications from news comment/status replies and messages.

It would be better if related stories didn't take up so much space between the article and the comments. On mobile in particular the comments take a bit of scrolling.

Having looked up the specs on this thing, I really think I have awaited too long to upgrade. This would be the best way to start by far.


I like how easy it is to read the headings and article text, but I feel the large images and the top toolbar on the main page could be a bit smaller and thinner.

Would love to replace my elderly 7 year old rig with this beast :p

I really love the new design of the front page. Well done to whoever designed it! Looks really sleek.
Hope I win the PC - it's just as sleek and awesome specs! :D

New design looks good. So far I haven't ran into any problems. I've been a member a long time (August 30th 2001) and have seen lots of design changes over the years. I like the auto hide menu because no matter where I scroll down on the page it's still there. Using Chrome v36

Good: Easier to Read. More information quickly. Looks nice with nosquint extension on large screen. Looks more in line with current trends.
Bad: Autohidding top bar is irritating. This design seems less unique than the old one.

Cooler Master aftermarket CPU cooler
Corsair Graphite Series case
Windows 8.1

No Core i7 ?
microATX motherboard instead of ATX motherboard
SSD is only 128GB

I like the new design. Then again I've always been a fan of functional minimalism (which is why I've been on WP since 2011). Although the banner is not as responsive as I would have liked. Seems to be a second delay between scrolling and disappearing/appearing. Other sites have it appear instantly. It's nothing major but still very noticable.

I like the design layout and it's an excellent use of space, not too crowded and not too sparse. I not a fan of the default shade of blue for the top level frame.

The design of the front page really is a breath of fresh air into already established closely nit community. I welcome it and embrace it.

AndrejSPB said,
Modern and fresh design, about time! Although it will take some time to adjust to the grid view.

There's a button that switches to list view if you prefer. :)

Really love the new look, so far so good in terms of bugs (I'm using Safari) and it looks very stylish! Respect to the designers

I like the darker option but i think the picture frames up top need to be more aligned.

icons used for software headers look stretched.

apart from that it looks good.

Likes... dark theme and list view (as it makes it look like the old site)
Dislikes... comments in REVERSE order, only works well on high-res screens

First, I love Neowin. but I'm sorry I'm not sure I get the design that everyone else is loving? I think it's good to have a more modern design, but like the colors are terrible, at the top of the page, before you scroll down, it's so hard to read the short recap on the news story. I tried it on multiple browsers.. I mean, am I the only one having an issue with that? Even the hyperlinks are really hard to read. It just seems really messy.

New Design Looks Great.. Same Customizable Interface on Desktop .. Tablet ... Mobile.. In total a smoother experience.. Its almost as good designed as .. Love it..

Like all things new, its going to take some getting use to the new design and overall scheme. But it does look cleaner and smoother. Love the layout at the top, especially with my avatar/profile pic as a nice round circle.

New design looks great, looks much more slick and modern, I'm finding it a tad jerky if scrolling fast, but I'm sure that will improve over time with bug fixes etc..

The new site design looks nice, but those dropdowns from the top are always appearing and disappearing, which is rather annoying.

I like the overall design. It's easy to find what I'm looking for. But on the other hand, the site does look a little bland color wise.

I like it! The flat look has really taken hold on the web and is definitely a trend worth jumping into. The simplicity really works with the logo. I remember when the logo was shiny bling! Oh how things change!

I like the drop down effect for the top navigation. I am sure a lot of thought went into the slight delay before it drops down. I wasn't sure how i felt about the delay but I can see how without it, it could impair the readers experience while exploring pages.

Keep up the amazing work! Love you guys forever!

Ps. My favorite forum is the webdesign forum. :) I still miss the old design comps but the energy has stayed the same more or less! x)

It's quite nice, I like how it hides and shows the top bar, akin to what I'm seeing on iOS Safari. However, the hide/show is currently buggy, jumping up and down as I confuse it by scrolling up and down really quick.

Overall I really like the new design as the other one was beginning to show it's age and best of all Darkside is back! Only downside for me at the moment is that the forums are yet to get their treatment as I'd love to have Darkside available there as well.

Ooh. Lights. Okay, I am not up to speed with new PCs of any sort, my own computer is 4 years old this year- a Core 2 Extreme w/ 8800m GPU starting to show its age. I did recently purchase a G-Sync monitor though, ready for a supported GPU like the one in this rig should be. 144Hz gaming goodness.

I can't compare with others in this line, but it does sound like a good one to me. Core i5 is just what I was aiming for, w/8GB. Would rather see a 256GB SSD, but going from 0 to 128 will still be like night and day.

Oh, new design- I'm good with it so far. I didn't like the default news tiles, but it was easy enough to figure out the list mode button. Initially, after reading a news item and going back, it went back to the tile view, but I was happy today to find it loaded the list view up straight off when entering the site.

I don't care for the redesign at all to be honest. The site is way to busy with to much white space (no defined sections). I like to read news posts top to bottom NOT left to right and top to bottom. The front page is just to hard to read but I guess it it more "modern".

This comment is for the PC browser version...

01Michael10 said,
I don't care for the redesign at all to be honest. The site is way to busy with to much white space (no defined sections). I like to read news posts top to bottom NOT left to right and top to bottom. The front page is just to hard to read but I guess it it more "modern".

This comment is for the PC browser version...

If you look to the upper right of the articles, you'll see two buttons -- one of them is for the default view that you don't like, the other changes the display so that news articles are displayed in a list instead. Check that out and see if you like it better.

Fezmid said,
If you look to the upper right of the articles, you'll see two buttons -- one of them is for the default view that you don't like, the other changes the display so that news articles are displayed in a list instead. Check that out and see if you like it better.

Thanks for the tip as the list view is much better then the grid view as one can just read down instead of across AND down to find news posts interested in. The titles of news posts are like three lines in grid view which is just obnoxious.

I would consider making the list view the default myself...

im glad darkside is back and i love the responsive design. i wish the default view was list thou keep up the good work!

Design is really refreshing, but not a fan of fewer stories being visible due to the size of preview of each article. Other than that I'm all for it :D

I don't care for the redesign at all to be honest. The site is way to busy with to much white space (no defined sections). I like to read news posts top to bottom NOT left to right and top to bottom. The front page is just to hard to read but I guess it it more "modern".

Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

Really digging the new layout. Will take a little bit of time to get used to it though.

I like the flat and slimmed down design. It's great. I like the fact that I can go to the "Darkside" XD. Btw, certainly suggest to work on the font and size, otherwise thumbs up!

Love the new site design. Much much better--especially on my WP 8.1. Wish it would automatically load new articles as I scrolled down on my desktop browser though.

I hadn't visited the site for a few days but when I returned, Bam! I thought I had been redirected to somewhere dodgy!
Soon realized what had happened though and I am getting used to it.

Too be honest, I think it's less like able then the previous Neowin.

(honest Opinion)

Apart from that, it does look futuristic, and change always has to happen etc. its a positive change :)

I'm sorry, but I don't really like it :( Two much space is taken, you can't see that many articles in the list view, the menu doesn't appear always when I want.

The big thing I like about the design is the story article view, like the Lumia 635 test. It takes space but is easily readable. (maybe it looks too much like on the verge, for their "features").

Overall the design is refreshing. It does take some getting used to as with any change. On the front page the text is unreadable for me underneath the titles. I haven't looked into what theme I am using. Still the unreadable text (in Google and Firefox) ruins it for me. Of course I sure wouldn't mind winning a new PC.

I like the new site design. I like how it looks on my Windows Phone as well. Although there are visual bugs here and there that need to be fixed.

My only complaint is that I feel like I need to zoom out a bit because everything seems a bit too closer, or big, but gosh, it looks much nicer than it did, especially the dark side version!

Speaking about the new design: The simpler the better. Have not spent much time on this new design. In general i like it.

whoa, Neowin front changed! It looks awesome. It will take some getting used to.

It would be nice to win this. I have a piece of crapola as a PC and I've been looking to upgrade... but have no funds. :(

Site looks great but it still needs some tweeks.. still, keep up the good job! And this giveaway is ery awsome, too bad some member that hardly contributes is going to win it..

I didn't care for the new design until I realized I could switch to the list view again. I like all of the other changes thus far besides the checker board view.

Actually it will fit better in the space I wanted my PC to go. That space will be an area where it could capture the eyes of my friends. My current rig it too tall, bulky and not so pleasing. What wins my interest is it has a rugged industrial look.... I love the front fans and lights and convenience inputs in the front. Expandability is also what got my attention (if I ever wanted to upgrade). I'll be sure to show this one off if I ever win. :-)

As far as the bad goes.... I couldn't say unless I had it for a test run.

nice design. good specs. sign me up. i'll need a new rig pretty soon. was going to wait until the holiday to get a good deal, but if i win this...woop woop.

Actually it will fit better in the space I wanted my PC to go. That space will be an area where it could capture the eyes of my friends. My current rig it too tall, bulky and not so pleasing. What wins my interest is it has a rugged industrial look.... I love the front fans and lights and convenience inputs in the front. Expandability is also what got my attention (if I ever wanted to upgrade). I'll be sure to show this one off if I ever win. :-)

As far as the bad goes.... I couldn't say unless I had it for a test run.

I love the new design! (Especially the darkside)

Also, thank you for fixing the Reading View support in IE11! Though I have to say the mobile site is built so well, I don't even need Reading View! Great work!

The new design is simply Awesome, Fresh and Fast loading. I also like the change in comments; new comments appear on top and not bottom :D Great Change!

I noticed that gradients are only shown when AdBlock Plus is off. I like the site better with ABP on, it isn't full of gradients.

The new design of the site certainly makes it a bit easier to identify site navigation tools and news categories. Much improved over the original :D

Well I kinda like the new design, one thing I don't like is that related stories that goes before the comments. I understand why it's there but it's to big.

The design is bold seems you are drawn to the colors,not bad its read faster than words.Site navigation has a good overview clear and mellow no eye strain.Simplistic so thumbs up yeah!

I like it. The fonts and clean lines are pro. I would just suggest that for your occasional tablet or smartphone user the multiple presses needed to use the menus may detract slightly. It's not easy to try and design something for tablet and desktop though - nice job and keep up the content!

It WILL play Crysis.

Old joke I know, but awesome rig.

Awesome site too!
I love the Darkside theme.
Missing notifications have to go to forums for that to link back to replies to comments on front page news.

Good clean design would of gone with motherboard with 2 pcie 16x and a few more USB3 ports and 16 gig ram the legacy ports aren't a big requirement on a modern PC especially a gaming rig and there are usb adapters for most legacy interfaces if required but if someone was to give me one I wouldn't say no

I love the new design. I chose the Darkside format. Keep up the great work guys! Some are resistant to change, I for one look forward to it.

I really like the part list. If there was one grip it would be the itx board revealing too many wires for the cable management holes to cover.

New design looks good on desktop and mobile. Only problem is the main page doesn't appear to show the forum community activity on mobile. Unless I just haven't found it yet.

I loved the old design, simple and precise. But this new one is certainly good. I like the huge font, the clean layout and images.
Bad: Nothing as of yet.

Wanderlust Palate said,
Thanks for the chance, prefer darker scheme than white

Did you notice the "Darkside" theme, which I think gives you what you're looking for?

New design is awesome, loving the flat and smooth look but I would change it as list view being the default. Good luck to everyone who enters :)

I wasn't sure to start with about the new design, but thats just because i was used to the old design. Looks really cool, and auto darkside is awesome :D

Looks ok (I prefer cleaner looks, but that is very hard to find on PC cases, anyway). Specs are nice. Seems ike a good gaming mahien.

Love the new design, feels very good on my Surface and smartphone. The auto dark side is pretty slick too, can't wait for the forum upgrades later this year!

Nice specs, somewhat mid range these days as the 770 won't drive a 27" resolution at high graphics. The case design is rather lacklustre.

Looks quite nice. The top navigation is a bit twitchy though, you should probably add some throttling to when it appears and disappears.

I can't help but feel that maybe a bit more contrast for the grays would help.

Modern design, nothing to complain about. Good stuff.

What a beast this computer is if i compare it with my toaster.
Very nice!

These stupid Rafflecopter things never work for me. I click "I'm a fan" and the page refreshes and I have to click it again.

Awesome giveaway!I love the design of the case! The two front fan and the windowed side panel is good but i don't like how small the side panel window, i want it a little bigger than that.

The new design looks very clean, especially in list mode. I`m sure with a few tweeks here and there it will continue to look cool for many years.
Good job (Y)

The design is clean, but the fonts are too big, and there's too much padding everywhere. This means more scrolling, which is not fun.

While the new design is definitely more modern, I have to say that I prefer the old home page. The old "list" format was, for me, a lot quicker to see the news of the moment. New home page takes much more time. I'm not likely to visit as often.

I'm especially looking forward to the new forums skin but the main site is so much more of this century with the new design. Lovely.

And yes, I am nice because I can win a PC here. :ninja:

Like, smoothness and responsiveness

Dislike: Related stories take up way too much attention from comments
Tags to big, top bar bezel to big, why not just leave minimal bezel?
Bug: When changing to darkside and you scroll, only what was viewable on screen changes to darkside until your refresh (chrome and opera)
When changing to darkside, ads do not match color (obviously), this is more pet peeve, but still.

Social media, social media social media. Links above, on the article and then at the bottom of the page, why not streamline social media features?

Top action bar: News, reviews and more all have automagic dropdown menu, except for forums! Why not quick minispy or perhaps the "trending forums" instead of a bland anchor doing nothing (as it goes with the whole lively thing)

Community activity is barely readable, whereas topics stand out a bit more.
Ill come back.

As others have mentioned some images aren't scaling right and/or are pixelated. I also think there's too much scrolling involved... I liked the previous format where more of the stories were visible in one shot. Way too much space taken up by large images and ads.

I like the new look a lot. My only real feedback is about colors, some of the text contrast is pretty low, making it hard to read. I think a slightly lighter font color for the article text would be better. Blue hyperlinks in article text are almost invisible, yellow or orange would pop nicely against the blue background. On the main page, the article summaries are very difficult to read, again, a lighter font might work better against the blue.

Edited by sphbecker, Aug 25 2014, 1:36pm :

I like the new modern look to the site. Just needs a little tweaking such as image scaling and site loading can be a little quicker.

I like the new site, but i need to find a way to make the font smaller.

and awesome contest, nice computer. but no twitter for me... =(

Personal complaints about the new design:
1. How the top bar pops in when scrolling down, and pops out when scrolling up
2. Hover mouse near blue bar on top, and it animates into view, obfuscating the content behind
3. Click on View More, nothing appears to happen, tries to click again, just as the new titles appears, ending up clicking into link
4. Expanded View More, navigate a link, back, view more collapsed and have to be re-expanded again.
5. Very sluggish when running on Opera browser. On other browsers (firefox, chrome), notice jitter whenever something is animating (cpu spike in task manager)
6. Whenever mouse passes across one of the menus (ie, NEWS, REVIEWS, MORE), popup appears/disappears. Happens very often when moving cursor in.out of browser tabs
7. Many rendering issues (e.g,
8. When there are a lot of comments, scrolling the page is sluggish (tested with IE 11)

What I personally like:
1. Larger image for each article
2. Very clean (love the use of white spaces)
3. Modern design (flat, strong contrasting colours), compared to the old one

Edited by letmesee, Aug 25 2014, 1:15pm :

The new design is great! It was a nice unexpected surprise! I liked the old one alot but I like this new one even better!
And my favorite Neowin Forum would probably be the Gamers Hangout :)
Here's to hoping I can win this PC! :D

not liking the new design at all. All pictures looks blurred and scaled up..Nav bar above is too big and very few stories are visible. Meh

Love the new modern look! :) And if I happen to win, Id like to donate ubar PC to friend in Philippines who still uses a 1st gen Intel i7.

It looks good, I like the new design. The circular icon messes with my icon though, still, a minor gripe. Good job.

Everything is laid out much better, makes it easier to read. I also like the themes (currently rocking the dark theme)..
What I'm not a fan of is the juddering (the stopping of scrolling) when the header hides/appears :)

Very kind giveaway. Also, I love the new layout. It is very easy on the eyes and a good use of screen space. I really come here mainly for the forums but now I will definitely check the news more often.

Edited by Yorak, Aug 25 2014, 12:22pm :

Apart from a few hicups with the login and site working I really like the new changes. Changes are good and progress was clearly made. I hope to see even more improvements :)

Still some bugs to sort out but i dig the new look, the black theme and the smoothness. Had some troubles with FB login but apart from that I notice improvements in loading speeds. Nicely done!

yay for the contest. The site upgrade is probably one of the best site upgrades i've seen the last years. Nice clean look, slick and stylish, modern simple and fast! Nice work!

New design is quite different from the old one, and will take some time getting used to. In a few weeks nobody will remember the old design ;-). Just keep the contrast high enough. I prefer the darkside over the default setting.

Its easy on the eyes and fresh on a mobile device (windows phone 8.1 explorer). The only drawback would be the time needed to mentaly reorient with the new design. But hey, looking good.

Some nice hardware on the Vanquish II and the new version of the website is looking pretty good. Thank you for including list view on the main page, I really don't like the default tile view (too big, too much eye movement ;)), not only on Neowin as I switch to list view whenever possible on other sites, too. Didn't check the mobile version before (a fresh Windows Phone user :)) but it's also nice - readable and fast.

The go to top button at the bottom of the page when clicked, doesn't go all the way to the top.

Otherwise, nice design change.

Brendeth said,
I'm digging the new design, my only gripe is the disconnect between the site and the forums.

The forums will be updated soon as well -- we're working out the bugs on this first. :)

The new design overall is good. Not a huge fan of the new social media look the front page has, but I do admit it looks very sharp.

Still getting used to the new design.
Love that DSO PC though :)
Would love to win it.

They make great PCs and have great service. Have two of them at home.
Old ones but still kicking.

Really like the new design. Much better on tablets compared to the previous one. Also love the flatter look and the more Graphical focus for articles.

I'm little skeptic but...I will play this game :)
By the way the new Neowin's Darkside design is awesome. It's smooth and pretty good for reading content.

Edited by minoskid, Aug 25 2014, 10:36am :

Comment box on top is very convenient; the dark theme is nice.
I find the font size a little too big for a pc monitor. "Request desktop site" from mobile browsers is not working (firefox & chrome for android).

I do like the design. There's a nice zoom in effect when you hover your mouse over headlines. It's clean and organized.

Nice modern design. Maybe the reappearing of the navigation bar should have a threshold - after scrolling up fast, it appears, if you scroll slowly - it doesn't. That way it wouldn't be as annoying...

Everything seems a little large but nice and clean on a whole.

Would prefer vertical news, or if horizontal is to stay then at least a fluid width that exploits the whole screen for it to be more purposeful.

I like the new design because is plain and simpler, Steve Jobs used to say simplicity sells, and also because is responsive friendly which is important. The bad part is that the design could be too simple sometimes, even though I said I like simplicity, you could add a few more things in the menus for example.

I love it! The dark theme is great for the eyes and the new layout and speed of loading makes it much more easy to navigate and find posts and read stuff. Great job! :)

I like that it's got a dark theme, but it should adjust to a widescreen & make the pic's & top bar smaller. Other than that it looks great.

I really enjoy the new feel of the site. I think you guys did a great job. What I'd hope to see fixed really soon though is the fact that the pages seem to be taking a bit too long to load. It could be something on my side, in which case your new website gets top marks. :)

the new design got supprised me and run pretty well, but can you implemented more streamlined design, as i see. the images size are too large and well crowded, too far from old clean design. and for the headline news, make it expand to center where any cursor hover on the other headline (right side). one more thing, the right sidebar is to small for the whole site, it can be better to get it larger or longer to show more content (especially the software stories part, Community Activity, Trending Stories and poll can follow up).

One more, can the forum get some UI tweak also to make it more synchronized with main site design? add some Hot Thread part on top of it, (you can use as design reference).

Hope it helps further improvement and thank you, Wish me luck too. hehe

Excuse me for being Thicky Mcthick from Thick Town, but do you have to do all those? I already do half of 'em.

As for the new design, everybody seems to be following this design trend and as such is not too jarring when visiting multiple sites in a row. You can easily navigate because it's so ubiquitous at the moment.

That said, maybe some could consider that a downside as Neowin does not stand out. I suppose an argument for content over pretty could be valid, but you humans are drawn to good basic design methods - if it looks pretty you're going to stay longer.

It looks a lot like my current PC, including the blue fan lights on the front.
The hard drive bays are nice. So are the USB3 ports on the front.

Looks like a really nice addition to my current PC. I would add a couple of harddrives though... 1TB is not enough.

I'm liking the new design, nice and fresh. Neowin has looked very similar for a long time, nice to see something new :) Like the Mobile view too

I have to say I'm personally liking the new design - it's going to take some time to get used to it, but I think it's the right way to go given the site generally has a Microsoft focus (so adapting the Metro design style seems logical!) and it's really modernised the site :)

Sweet new design!

A few bugs in the layout, but that will get fixed soon I hope (the small fonts look weird on chrome).

The new design looks OK but it will take a while to get used to it. My biggest problem with it is the fact that the thumbnails are a bit big and featured articles bar on the home page is too large. I can see a lot less content on the screen in the new design.

As a comment, remember now that the default is now "Sort by newest first" when it was "Sort by oldest first". Just want everyone to keep that in mind.

I already mentioned the bad: Basically everything is way too big.

There is my contest entry.

The new website looks great! Winning this would be really awesome to celebrate both the new look of Neowin and a start of another school year :p

I am digging the new site, took a minute to get used to, but once I found darkside sold. Great Job guys!

Awesome giveaway!

The reason I wasn't able to visit the site yesterday. I saw this coming.
Overall I like this new design. Looks more modern, clean and minimal.

Winning this would be awesome. Good luck to y'all. :)

The new look does need a bit of tweaking, but overall it's really nice and modern.

Good: Looks clean
Bad: More ads? Maybe I'm just noticing them more because of the new design.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Another excellent giveaway.

I'm enjoying the new layout as it's easy to glance at the news and choose what to read first.

don't like the huge fonts and wasted space. so much scrolling now
also do not use any social media
but thanks for letting us enter by comments otherwise many people couldn't enter

I had to double check what site I was looking at. Very different

Liking the cleaner, minimal look. Feels like the important stuff stands out, good use of space, like the top bar.

Don't like the size of the latest or popular news items. Just needs to be toned down a bit. Would be nice if on higher res it scaled to maybe 3 news items wide. Feel like im getting less news per page now.

So... I think queen said it best "Just gimme the prize" :p

and about design : i really like the neowin black theme !

as night also that black theme is useful in viewing lumia 1520

and the new layout is very smoother + faster to get news

thanks for every efforts you guyz done

thanks a lot neowin feed for this giveaway !

hope to win #india ( hope someday luck works )

really important for me : as i am a gadget + gaming lover .

and this help me to play fifa 14 , gta 5 , battlefield , call of duty

please , please , please !!

regards , @aakash006sharma

Great giveaway. I'm liking the new design (darkside FTW!) and I hope you guys will keep tweaking it to make it better as users voice their suggestions.

Good luck everyone!