Neowin LLC Competition Rules and Terms

Occasionally at Neowin we like to do competitions or giveaways that involve giving a little something back to the community. To make sure that the community is on the same page as we are, we have a quick set of rules and terms of service that need to be adhered to.

Who can enter?

Unless otherwise specified in the giveaway/competition post, anyone worldwide who is over the age of 13 is eligible to enter a competition at Neowin, excluding past and present staff members. Neowin will cover the costs of shipping any items to you so long as you provide a valid shipping address.

Entry requirements and notes:

  1. You must be a registered member of Neowin, who is not permanently banned or a duplicate of an existing member.
  2. You must have either "liked" the Neowin page on Facebook or followed our Twitter account before the close of the competition, and be able to provide proof that you have done either if you are a winner. If a competition is run on Neogamr, the respective Neogamr Facebook/Twitter accounts must be liked/followed; in this circumstance liking/following Neowin is not adequate as it must be the correct Neogamr account.
  3. You must comment on the competition/giveaway article. The contents of the comment does not matter unless otherwise stated in the article.
  4. You must share the competition/giveaway article on either Twitter, Facebook or Google+, where your shared post contains a link to the competiton/giveaway, and proof must be provided that you have done so in the case that you are a winner.
  5. You must both comment and share the article before the contest concludes as specified by the time in the giveaway/competition article. While it may be possible to comment and/or share the article after the conclusion of the competition, these entries will not be counted.
  6. You may only enter the contest once, and each respective entrant will only be counted once when drawing the winner (unless otherwise specified in the article).
  7. Users who attempt to enter more than once through the use of duplicate accounts will be disqualified from winning.
  8. A competition comment that violates our community rules will see the corresponding member disqualified from the competition at the discretion of our senior moderation staff.
  9. Past and present staff members of Neowin LLC are ineligible for entry to any Neowin competition.

Note that there may be additional entry requirements as specified in the giveaway/competition article. Please read carefully to make sure you comply with any of these additional requirements.

Any requirements listed in the giveaway post that specifically conflict with certain requirements of these general terms and conditions will overrule the terms listed here.

Drawing a winner

  1. Unless otherwise specified in the article, single or multiple winners are drawn at random from the total pool of entrants following the conclusion of the competition.
  2. Winners will be notified of their win by a personal message (PM) through the Neowin forums. Unless you have the appropriate forum settings enabled, we will not email you to notify you of your win. If this PM is not responded to within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn at random.
  3. If you are drawn a winner and you cannot provide proof you have subscribed to us on the aforementioned social networks and/or shared the post on the aforementioned social networks, you will be disqualified and another winner will be drawn.
  4. If you are drawn a winner and you fail to meet any additional entry requirements as specified in the giveaway/competition post, you will be disqualified and another winner will be drawn.
  5. Winners will be announced in the original giveaway/competition post after they have responded to their PM, signalling the end of the contest.
  6. Winners must be able to provide a valid shipping address, unless the competition involves a non-physical item such as (but not limited to) digital code giveaways and Neowin subscriptions.

Regarding prize items

Neowin supplies all giveaway/competition items as-is and as described in the giveaway/competition article, and while we take reasonable precautions to ensure safe shipping, we do not guarantee and neither are we liable for any damage or loss that may occur during transport. Items are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash/money or a more preferred item. Neowin LLC is also not liable for any damages, physical or mental, that giveaway items may cause you at any time.

By entering a competition or giveaway at Neowin, you agree to the above terms and conditions. Please note that the terms are subject to change without notice.

Note: These terms also apply to any competitions run on Neowin's sister site Neogamr, which is also a subsidiary of Neowin LLC.