HP posts teaser image of unannounced Windows 8 all-in-one PC

HP has been releasing all-in-one PCs for quite some time. Earlier this year, it launched the Envy Rove 20, a Windows 8 AiO with a 20 inch screen that can also be used as a really large touchscreen tablet. This week, HP posted up a teaser image of a previously unannounced Windows 8 AiO on its Next Bench blog.

The blog itself was mostly about the history of the all-in-one PC at HP, including the fact that the company released such a computer with a touchscreen, the HP-150, way back in 1983. The all-in-one concept has evolved at HP and continues today. The company recently announced plans to release the Slate21 All-in-One, a 21 inch PC that runs on Android that will go on sale in September.

However, the blog managed to put in a plug for the unannounced Windows 8 PC at the very end. The image shows what looks like a notebook-sized touchscreen but the outstretched hand does block much of what we can see. The blog's author says that this new Windows 8 product is "already changing the way that I’m thinking of day-to-day computing." Hopefully we will learn more about this product in the very near future.

Source: HP | Image via HP

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After the Pavilion DV6000 & DV9000 fiasco with:
- overheating problems
- faulty motherboards from the factory

i am not buying anything from them again.

Also their support is the worst i' ve seen.

On a brand new system with factory installation of Windows 7 on my question why is the fan always running even though the option "Fan always on" is disabled from the bios their answer in a nutshell was:

"Sir its the services of windows running.You have to contact Microsoft."

- Also their support is the worst i' ve seen

yea, their tech support is handled by Stream Global Services... which is basically a call center. Stream only cares about meeting specific call metrics. Their reps use tools that basically tell you what to do during troubleshooting.

If you face the misfortune having to contact them you can totally understand that it is as you say.

It is very obvious that they have no idea whatsoever what they are talking about and that they are just reading standard answers to predefined questions as close to your problem as possible.

Thanks for the specific info about who is behind that horrible "support".

Multi-position pop out stand? So you could use it like Surface while sitting at a desk, or like shown in the picture on the kitchen counter/looking down at something on your lap?

Never is a long time...

Yep for the last decade or so HP has been like two companies: one making quality business servers, laptops and desktops. The other making awful poor quality rubbish home user PCs.

That seems to have changed though... Their home user products of late have been pretty close to the same quality as their "Pro" products.

The HP Probook is rock solid, both in performance and durability, my son slept on it, I had it fall multiple times from the bed, never failed on me... very ergonomically designed.

Th HP DV6-7000 is a powerhorse, rock solid performance so far, swapped its HDD for an SSD and its become even more powerful. Ergonomically designed, and very easy to upgrade HDD/SSD & RAM. The only complain... I wish there was a way to cut the power to the DVD, hate it.

Waiting for the new HP ENVY 15t-j000 to show up in my country, going to buy it in a heartbeat, looks darn good, and very powerful.

Never liked their desktops though, was never into desktops.