HP to launch lots of Windows 8 PCs on October 26th

In August, HP announced plans to launch two new Ultrabooks and one notebook-tablet hybrid on October 26th, all of which will have touch screens that will support Microsoft's "Modern" Windows 8 interface. Earlier this month, HP also announced it would release a number of new all-in-one PCs, some of which will have touch screens.

Today, HP revealed its plans to launch a bunch of new laptops and notebook models on Oct 26th. However, these PCs are more conventional with no touch screen support. Venture Beat reports that one of the models is the PC gaming-themed HP Envy Phoenix h9. The case design makes it a little bit like it has some kind of armor and, like lots of gaming PCs, it has some lights inside a see-through portion of the case.

The HP Envy Phoenix h9 has a choice of Intel Core processors inside, with the option to put in either a NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. It also comes with a small SSD drive for quick boot up times; the price of the desktop starts at $899.

In terms of notebooks, HP will release the thin-and-light HP Envy m4 with a 14 inch screen starting at $899. The HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14 will sell for $449, and the HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 is priced starting at $559. HP is also selling a number of new business desktop and notebook PCs on October 26th.

Source: Venture Beat | Image via HP

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Ive got a HP Pavilion g7 and the tech support has been great i must say!!!! Mine was overheating until i got it back from HP!!

rojorojo said,
Envy, Pavillion, Spectre, Phoenix, Sleekbook, thin-and-light, m4...

It's all so confusing. I've given up.

...and yet they all are gonna overheat the same and receive zero support for anyone of them so they have something in common.

0nyX said,

...and yet they all are gonna overheat the same and receive zero support for anyone of them so they have something in common.

And which HP did you have that did that?

All in all, I find the Pavilion models among the better-designed OEM PCs (and better by far than Dell's own Inspiron - the direct equivalent). The Envy Phoenix replaces the previous limited-edition HP Blackbird at the top of HP's own-brand gaming lineup, while the Envy line (which started off as portables, and has now extended to desktops) slides in above the Pavilion, but below Envy Phoenix. The Spectres are AIOs (mostly with touch-screens), the Sleekbooks are all portables (and below the Envy) based on the Ultrabook form-factor (some are convertibles), while top-end Sleekbooks, Envys, Pavilions, and *every* Envy Phoenix includes Beats Audio.

While I always build my own, if I absolutely HAD to buy OEM, HP would be my only choice.