HTC Sense 6.0 is rolling out to previous-generation HTC One M7 devices now

The HTC software update page is showing that the latest version of the company's customized Android skin, Sense 6.0, is being pushed out to device owners this weekend.

The update, available to all previous-generation (M7) HTC One devices, brings some of the new features found on the company's new flagship One M8 to the older devices. The UI looks similar to the M8 and applicable HTC apps will be updated to their latest versions.

Of course, some of the new features of the One M8 won't be present in the Sense 6.0 update for last-generation M7 devices. This includes some of the popular, intriguing new camera features which simply cannot be fitted on the old units as they do not have the required camera hardware.

The HTC software update page is currently reporting that the update has finished rolling out to the One M7 and One M7 developer edition as well as the T-Mobile One M7 and Sprint One Max. The AT&T, Sprint and Verizon versions of the One M7, as well as the Sprint One Max, are currently preparing for roll-out. The only device still waiting for the update is the AT&T-based HTC One Mini although the page confirms that the update is being prepared for it and is in the 'integration' phase. The other carrier variants are at the 'certification' phase.

Currently, the update is only rolling out in the US and is still being prepared for deployment in other territories very soon. If you have a last-generation, M7 HTC One in the US and have received the Sense 6.0 update this weekend then please let us know in the comments how it performs on these last-generation devices. If you have an M7 One outside the US then it shouldn't be much longer until you get the update too, according to HTC's support site.

Source: HTC via SlashGear | Image via HTC

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Stock Android is too barebone and companies prefer to have the best experience possible. I don't think Android would have become so popular with stock android.

Why don't more company's offer more stock android? Is it because the average consumer is too stupid to use stock android, thus it has to be heavily dressed up?

I returned my T-Mobile M7 to stock, did the OTA update to the 5.14.531.1 release, then re-unlocked and rooted it. It runs beautifully. Thank you, HTC, for restoring my faith in your products. I had been burned in the past, but now I'm back.

Running just fine on my M7, performance is good, looks like a solid update if you like Sense. Visually Blinkfeed's got more of a Metro feel, more colorful and all that versus the previous build. That said, still prefer Nova Launcher Prime myself.

I got the update and I am very impressed. It is a wonder why HTC isn't more popular because the software is so much better than what Samsung has to offer.

It is a shame, but HTC has done it to themselves.

I used to like them in the past, but their awful customer service and device support was just very, very bad. I swore after using my HTC EVO for a few months, I would never own another HTC product again, I hated Sense back then too.

A few years later, they've really stepped up their game. I definitely think the rise of Samsung, and the Galaxy line put the pressure on them. Their support has definitely improved, and Sense is nowhere as bloated, slow, and annoying to use as it was years ago.

I just bought the new unlocked HTC One M8 from HTC directly, and have been very satisfied with the build quality of this phone, and how much Sense has really improved. Props to them for stepping up their game, hopefully they can continue it.

Deihmos said,
I got the update and I am very impressed. It is a wonder why HTC isn't more popular because the software is so much better than what Samsung has to offer.

For the average Joe they don't advertise as much as Samsung, so their presence isn't as big, for people who research online, after the initial positive reviews, that 4mp camera has been slammed and torn apart in reviews for overexposing, washing out colours and the photos being far too small.

It was funny seeing a camera go from "best android camera" to "this camera is appalling" in the space of a few months. All the tech sites bought into the ultrapixel hype, tested it in lowlight and confirmed it was better in that one very specific scenario, everything else its rubbish at.

For the techy crowd, HTC have an appalling history of abandoning phones very early on their lives for updates. Its only very recently HTC have promised to address this.