Images leak of supposed Galaxy Note III Phablet

Two images leak of Galaxy Note III "Prototype"

In the spirit of device leakers everywhere, two crappy images of what is supposedly the Galaxy Note III "Phablet" have leaked on the Interwebs, showing not much more than the front of the unpowered device next to a few items on someones untidy desk. We can at least get an idea of the size of this massive phone when compared to the coffee cup, above and to the left on the first image.

The images were posted to Twitter under the handle of @techkiddy, which also links to a website showing the images and specs.

According to Technology Blogs Simplified, the specs are a little different to previous rumors that we reported way back in December last year; the phone will feature a "pants busting"  5.7″ sAMOLED Full HD display, Octa-Core or Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 megapixel camera, Android 4.3, S Pen functions and Samsung’s own TouchWiz nature UX interface.

Cropped "closeup"

This of course makes it slightly bigger than the Galaxy Note II which features a 5.5" screen, while the original has a 5.3" display, so an increment of .2" sounds about right; fans of the Note might be breathing a sigh of relief that the previous rumors of it actually being 6.3" are probably incorrect.

Of course all of this is still unconfirmed, and should be taken with a fistful of salt, as the images don't show any comparison to previous iterations, or even if we're looking at what will be the Galaxy Note III at all.

Source & Images: Technology Blogs Simplified

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If Samsung can get a 5" screen into the GS4 and yet it was smaller than the GS3, than certainly They can get a larger screen into the GN2 and not grow it much. In fact I would say a 5.7" screen could fit right in the GN2's case if you evenly trim down the bezel on the sizes.

However this shot shows an ugly very squared device. I honestly don't thin Samsung would make anything that hideous looking after virtually all the Galaxy devices (even the cheap ones) are all curvy.

Please stick with SAMOLED, but please lets drop the Pentile one. I want this device. But it must meet my critieria. Must be full 1920x1080, must have a pen, must have most if not all the GS4's features, must have external memory and it must still look good. If not I will just use my GN2 or I will get a Note 10.1

In the spirit of device leakers everywhere

So true .. hehe!!

5.7″ sAMOLED Full HD display

This doesn't look FullHD but rather a 4:3 display (or as an afterthought, may be even 16:10 or 16:11). But then, photo is pretty crappy and image might have been scaled vertically.