Is this the Sony Nexus X smartphone?

Earlier in the month we reported that Google may be planning to release multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers, and now these images of a Google branded Sony device has appeared. The device definitely looks simliar to other Sony devices such as the Xperia T, but has Google etched into the back, and appears to be running a stock version of Android Jelly Bean.

While the images could be fakes, it does fit with rumours that Google would open the Nexus program to any manufacturer who wants to build one if they abide by a strict set of rules. Purported images of an LG Nexus device have also appeared over the last couple of weeks adding further fuel to the rumour.

Source: Mutul Yeter (Picasa)

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Trihawk7 said,
I always think that Sony and HTC spend alot more time on design than Samsung, just saying

yeah righ? I never understood how did samsung become popular. All I ever remember from Samsung (And I am talking about smart phones) was very ugly design and low quality (e.g. poor camera quality, weak and plasticy body, low battery life, short lifespan and etc.) on the contrary Sony(Former Sony Ericsson) is one of those good ones.

I would LOVE to see Sony Nexus device. Sony is excellent with the design, but i am not as keep on the rest. with google strict terms they might create something great.

still1 said,
Its been already updated saying that they are fake and not a genuine device

It was clear it was fake... Unfortunately the design looks too good not to be a fake phone.

Luis Mazza said,

It was clear it was fake... Unfortunately the design looks too good not to be a fake phone.

That's one ugly design, have you seen Lumia?