Kinect for Windows used to demo 2013 Nissan Pathfinder


Quite a few companies have been making and using applications that are based on Microsoft's Kinect for Windows technology since it was officially released in February. One of them is the car maker Nissan who has been using the motion gesture product to help demo the 2013 edition of the Nissan Pathfinder SUV.

In a new post on the official Kinect for Windows blog, Microsoft talks about how Nissan, along with software creators IdentityMine, came up with the idea of making a software program that would allow car buyers to go ahead and see the new Pathfinder model in Nissan dealerships several months before the car itself is released.

Microsoft states:

Now, shoppers who approach the Kinect-based showroom are guided through an array of natural movements—such as extending their hands, stepping forward and back, and leaning from side to side—to activate hotspots on the Pathfinder model, allowing them to inspect the car inside and out.

The article also says that while Nissan provided the CAD files for the Pathfinder that were needed for the Kinect application, the files needed to be revamped in order to work on a real-time software engine. The Kinect Pathfinder demo is currently being tested in 16 Nissan dealerships in the US and could be expanded to more dealerships in the future.

Source: Kinect for Windows blog

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Why are commenters so quick with the negatives, open your minds or click the next link!

Personally, I probably would not look at a Pathfinder flyer before it released or even open up the door in a showroom if browsing, but I'd see what others were doing or try this demo myself. Its not about the experience in front of the Kinect, its about standing out, getting peoples attention and at least stopping to take a look. Sure it cost money up front, but put this in a mall somewhere where hundreds of people a day may now take just takes one buyer to make that money back and then ROI. I'd be surprised if this didn't catch on more. Imagine trying on clothes without getting undressed or entering their store.

The only thing that caught my attention was the display. It'll be great for a multi-monitor setup with the almost non-existent bezel you know.

60" plasma at best buy, $899. Nettop computer with HDMI output $180.24. Kinect for windows $249. $1,500 worst case with stand to install in a showroom. Plus the software development cost which would get shared among the how many showrooms out there? You could outfit the country for what it'd cost to move one vehicle there and showing the next years model is just a software upgrade away.

or we could just put the darn car on the showroom floor... you know it is a car dealership and all... I'd rather see the real thing there then a virtual thing....