Many Hotmail users still dealing with missing emails when switching to

In October, we reported that many users of Microsoft's older email service were not able to access their old emails when they switched their accounts to the company's new service. It's been over three months since our story first appeared but unfortunately many Hotmail users are still encountering the same problems.

While the original message thread we reported on was closed by Microsoft in October, a new message thread was launched later that same month, as many Hotmail users have continued to experience problems accessing old emails from their new account. The message thread continues to expand and has now gone over 25 pages.

An example of this issue is from user "Daveyc18' who first posted that his old Hotmail emails had been deleted on October 15th. On January 12th, he wrote on the forum thread, "Still no time frame on when old e-mails will be recovered? My situation: Locked out, renamed, eventually got access, but all old e-mails gone."

Microsoft's forum moderators have been posting messages on this thread promising to fix the problem but many users are clearly getting frustrated with the situation. One forum poster, "JaneMorgenstern" wrote on January 9th:

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We have provided hundreds of examples over the last SIX MONTHS!!! Take a look at the history on all of the threads concerning this problem and make a reference db. Get this FIXED Microsoft! Totally unacceptable service, an outrage for this to have gone on as long as it has.

We have emailed Microsoft to see if they have any comment on this continuing situation with their Hotmail/ service.

Source: Microsoft support forums | Image via Microsoft

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I had all of my emails lost. I thought this was a problem when transitioned to the new interface. Glad it's not just my problem and I hope I can get it back!

This is really serious. Email can't just get "lost" - that's one of the worst things that can happen. Don't they do backups? should still be in public beta (for at least a few months).

I refuse to upgrade. I prefer Hotmail over - it's always been reliable for me. And there is more content shown on the screen - I'm not for all this "white space" and large fonts, as seen with the Metro/Modern UI.

I have a friend, who has multiple hotmail accounts. She lost all her emails and yet all the help is of no use. Stupid Hotmail.MS forcing MSN users to migrate to skype is plain bull. She don't want to use skype. MS and their bright ideas and did i mention " We are retiring the Live brand because we want to save money and we know what's best for you" Hello, you got billions of dollars just sitting there doin nuttin, and you want to "Save money". How retarded. Typical MS.

How dare they take their own product away and replace it with another. This is madness.

And saving money?!! This is unheard of. Who gave them permission to do that?


Edited by eddman, Jan 18 2013, 10:52am :

I haven't experienced this issue. All my emails are still there. I doubt it's a migration issue as it's pulling the data from the same source.

How can anyone be sure that the users are not using a client that is downloading and deleting messages after they are downloaded or have an older version of Outlook, where 'Archive' is turned on by default, and would move older messages to the Archive PST and remove them from the Hotmail/Outlook server?

Especially considering this problem is only affecting a few users, which a lot of them have had trouble with the concept that the naming is more of a UI change than actually moving from one service to another.

Let me restate this...
Hotmail and Outlook are the same service, how the user sees the site is what changed and is an option they can fully control, that HAS NO EFFECT on the content of the email in their existing folders.

So how can Microsoft take user's seriously that by changing the UI/Stylesheets that their older emails disappeared?

*I have asked our techs to sample all their accounts and clients, with nobody having an issue of missing messages, and like myself, many have emails going back to 2001 that reside on Microsoft email servers.

hotmail has had missing email problems before now actually that were genuine. Entire accounts were emptied.

You are better of reading the threads, this is not User error as in most of the cases.

The moderators are for most part not helpful.

Examples of the suggestions moderators have given and examples users have given that shows moderators have no idea.

Deactivated account for no use after period of time - User uses email every day.
Chose option to put old emails in folder - Folder gets created none of the emails get migrated across.
Hacker access account and deleted emails (most patronising) - That in the span of 30 seconds of using the migrate to new address someone hacked account and deleted all emails that were there 30 seconds previously.

This would appear it is most likely a migration issue. It even effected me as I wanted to change email address to outlook and also the name at same time when I got new Windows 8 Phone. As they suggested not to do this while using existing windows phone 7.

In lucky instances migrating the email back to the old hotmail / live accounts will fix it. And you will get access to your old emails again.

I am unable to migrate mine back as I have a .com address and being in Australia the only options is addresses so cant even use this work around.

But this is an issue that Microsoft seem slow / unwilling to fix.

That is the most pathetic excuse I have heard and I can't believe that it has 2 likes. There is no mail client in existence that automatically "Archives" the emails before they even appear in the inbox. In any case, the switch to uses that same mail server settings so there is no change a user could make (such as unticking 'leave copy of this message on the server') that could trigger this to happen. The only change is the "name" but it is obvious that there are some backend changes that have happened as well.