Microsoft reportedly searching for ad agency for new broad marketing strategy

Microsoft has released its fair share of ad campaigns in the last few years, from the dancers in the first Surface TV commercials to the most recent "Honestly" series. Now the company is reportedly launching an overhaul of its marketing strategy, and that also means it is taking proposals and bids from ad agencies, all of whom would love to have a piece of Microsoft's large marketing budget.

AdWeek claims it obtained Microsoft's Request For Proposal documents it sent to those agencies, which it claims states that the company wants to move from running ads on specific products to a broader campaign theme for both consumers and businesses. That means we might not see TV ads made just for the Surface anymore but for a overall Windows campaign with the tablet as just one element.

The report also notes that Microsoft spends a $1 billion each year in media buys worldwide, and that the company is seeking to hire just one or two ad agencies to handle 80 percent of that work. The story says that Microsoft has already met with a number of candidates in Washington, D.C., last week. It plans to make a final decision sometime in April.

Source: AdWeek via GeekWire | Commercial set image via Shutterstock

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I hope their new strategy focuses on promoting advantages their products have instead of just bashing other products

So looking at the picture and the headline I'm wondering, are they really gonna market broads now? Is this part of their new services strategy?

P.S. Don't mind me, I've got a good buzz going is all.

This is going to be awesome. Time for the One Microsoft vision to come full circle

I absolutely love the 'Windows everywhere' ads, the 'honestly' ads, and the Windows Phone ads lately... so I think this new campaign will really show the beauty of the Microsoft ecosystem

I hope their new strategy is positive and they have the self confidence to be positive about their own products and services.

bdsams said,
No kidding, careers are made by landing this type of a deal.
So true! A neighbors wife was able to retire after landing an account for her company with Mercedes.

Microsoft have the money and power to do anything they want, but unfortunately does not have the talent to be creative with the ads.

macoman said,
Microsoft have the money and power to do anything they want, but unfortunately does not have the talent to be creative with the ads.

I think the talent is there in the ad department, it's just that the leadership within that department is not there. Overall I can say Microsoft has the largest group of talent of any company.

Their ads have been wonderful this past year ever since the rebranding. Not sure what you're talking about that their not creative. They're MUCH better than what the competition has put out lately.