Microsoft reveals more on IE11 for Windows 8.1 Update, WP 8.1 and 7

As part of its BUILD 2014 keynote, Microsoft revealed that Internet Explorer 11 would be a part of Windows Phone 8.1. Now the company has revealed more information on what it plans to put in the new version of IE11, which will also be released as part of the Windows 8.1 Update, along with Windows 7.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that IE11 on Windows Phone 8.1 will feature a number of additions, such as pinning websites to the Start screen as Live tiles, Reading Mode for better text viewing, and voice commands to navigate to sites. There's also a new High Savings Mode that reduces image quality on pages to help cut down data by 60 to 80 percent.

The version of IE for Windows 8.1 was made so that it can automatically detect the size of a device's screen, no matter how large or small, and adapt to fit that display. As previously reported, IE11 for Windows 8.1 Update, as well as Windows 7, will also have an Enterprise Mode, designed to run sites and apps previously made for IE8.

Microsoft also launched a new browser benchmark website, FishGL, that's designed to show off some nice looking graphical effects. Microsoft said: 

Rotate around the tank of colorful fish. Crank up the fish count, see how many your browser can run. While you are there tap the glass to scatter the fish or tap and hold for more one-on-one interaction. Swipe your finger across the screen to rotate the room or pinch to zoom. Use the control panel to toggle to fish view – insider the aquarium. Power users can adjust the aquarium physics too.

Microsoft also worked with 22tracks to create a new website that's designed to give users a touch-based music playlist from DJ across Europe, along with an audio visualizer that responses to touch while the music is playing.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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IE11 on windows 7 compared to 8/8.1 is nowhere near as good. Even on this new fishtank test is doesn`t do very well :(

Romero said,
Maybe due to lack of SPDY support?

I don`t think the website uses SPDY support so not sure if that`s the problem...
Hopefully MSFT will bring improvements to IE11 for windows 7, i use 7 (x32 + x64) and 8.1 (x32 + x64) and don`t really know why it`s so noticably different!

Yeah it`s weird, on most tests (which i know aren`t really all that relevant) i get a solid score on a par or better than other browsers. Like 60fps on fishbowl or chalkboard is fine, then others such as this tank (pun intended :p )
I`m wondering if it might be related to Tracking Protection Lists, might try that tomorrow.

Null_Pointer said,
I just want to know if they're putting the ability to swipe to go back and forth in web pages like the surface does!

Yes Mobile IE11 supports swiping back and forward. I can confirm the WP8.1 emulator does include this.

Well let's hope that means it's in the OS too. It drives me crazy I can't go backwards(Yes the back button works sometimes.) and forward. I should download the SDK and give it a try.

George P said,

This test isn't as accurate as you think, all it does is asks the browser if it supports so and so and not if it supports it in a correct way or not.

It is accurate. We tested it.

acido00 said,
The day IE scores 500+ on by then it will gain my respect

Of course, you should hate a browser for getting lower scores because it doesn't support things like VP8 and other NON-STANDARDS.

If you look through the first page of 'supported' features for IE11, you can quickly see several marked as not supported, even though they exist and work exactly the same as they do on Chrome.

This test is worthless for a 'serious' developers.

Funny that MS makes a site to show off the fancy features of IE, and that it also works perfectly in Chrome for example...

How is that funny? It shows that they developed the website according to web standards and not browser-specific crap like Chrome and Firefox does. That's why certain sites don't render in IE, because some web developers don't code their sites according to proper web standards.

Co-ords said,
Funny that MS makes a site to show off the fancy features of IE, and that it also works perfectly in Chrome for example...

well that's kind of what standards compliance is all about..

Boo Berry said,
Been leaked for a month. Already using it. :D

Was that the final/offical DL that was leaked a month ago? I have those downloaded.