Microsoft strategy VP to depart after 25 years

A senior executive at Microsoft who has been with the company for 25 years has announced his departure. reports that Hank Vigil, currently the senior vice president of the Strategy and Partnership division at Microsoft, will still be a strategic adviser to the company even as he leaves to "focus on investing in and advising for early-stage start-up companies". His departure was revealed via an internal company memo.

Vigil has had a number of positions and jobs at Microsoft during his career at the company. He's done marketing for Microsoft's Office software suite and helped once led the company's Digital Television Group division. In that job he lead the team that acquired WebTV in the 1990s which was an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to merge the Internet with TVs via a set top box. More recently Vigil helped to make strategic agreements with a number of outside companies including "Facebook, Nokia, France Telecom, Vodafone, NBC Universal Inc., News Corp., Time Warner and Viacom Inc" according to his official Microsoft online bio.

In his last position as senior VP of the Strategy and Partnership division, Vigil worked directly with current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on "developing and managing strategic relationships, mergers, acquisitions and investment partnerships with media, consumer electronics, telecommunications, software and Internet companies." The story adds that Vigil is " ... one of the company’s most visible and well-liked execs in the tech community, especially in Silicon Valley." That should help him in his new venture to help out start up companies. The article also humorously states that Vigil is "Microsoft’s best-dressed exec."

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smooth3006 said,
bring back bill gates!
Bill Gates is not the Tech Guru he once was. But he's still the chairperson of Microsoft though.
And even when Gates was the CEO, he himself said, that I am not the first in command. I have a second say. Ballmer was the one who was replacing him. He and the Board saw that, and he was then promoted to CEO. And some old execs say, that when presented with a new project, Ballmer was sometimes more involved than Gates. And would say it again and again, that "it needs to be simple, simple and simple".

I'm talking about early 2000s.

Another attempt an implying that an MS exec left the sinking ship? After 25 years and millions in the bank one might think a change would be good. He is still being retained for his services which I am sure is not at minimum wage rates

WAR-DOG said,
Another MS guy leaving for Facebook?
Facebook doesn't actually count as an "early-stage start-up companies".

It's not like the end of the world. Maybe it's time for him to move on. He hasn't particularly done anything extraordinary that could allow him to be promoted any higher. Let new skill in.

flexkeyboard said,
It's not like the end of the world. Maybe it's time for him to move on. He hasn't particularly done anything extraordinary that could allow him to be promoted any higher. Let new skill in.

He was the Person to convince Ballmer to not acquire Yahoo, who was convinced to buy Yahoo It is joked that if he goes for another job, on his transcript it would be mentioned that he saved his ex-company $40 billion!
He was also the person mostly responsible to invest and form a strategic alliance with Facebook.
And also lead the team of Microsofties, to make a deal with the Nokia board of directors. A deal, some analysts say is VITAL for Microsoft's smartphone venture!
And he was reportedly a proponent of Microsoft's Skype deal. He was very much in favor of the deal, and he and Bill Gates were the one, to push the deal.

So it is big news for Microsoft, and he WAS very important to Microsoft!
And if the few things I mentioned don't sound "extraodinary" to you, than I don't know what else will.