Microsoft trying to fix sync issues with Outlook 2013

It looks like Microsoft is still dealing with some growing pains with its online email service. Earlier this month, a large number of subscribers started posting up messages in the Microsoft Answers forum saying they were encountering errors with using In fact, there were two separate forum posts created on this topic, each with over 30 pages of messages.

Basically, all of the posts were due to subscribers that were getting error messages that said they had too many devices trying to sync with their Exchange ActiveSync accounts when using Outlook 2013. Microsoft announced in November that Outlook 2013 would support EAS.

In response, Microsoft has been telling people on the forums to ask for assistance within the forums, along with their email accounts. Microsoft said:

Once we have your email account, we would be deleting the deltasych relationship of your email account with the devices you've attached to it. This would be done in the backend, however you will need to reconfigure your account on your devices. Of course, we'll let you know once we've carried out the backend process.

Microsoft also has some tips for and Outlook 2013 users to prevent these kinds of sync issues from happening again. Hopefully, these problems will be fixed for all of those who have encountered it soon.

Thanks to Durban for the tip!

Source: Microsoft Answers forum

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So how about fixing the issue with Outlook 2013 usually not getting mails instantly but with a big lag instead. My Lumia 710 bleeps instantly, but for Outlook sometimes it takes half an hour to realize there's a new mail (unless I manually force the sync OFC).

Also it really ****es me off that when I restore Outlook from the tray it ALWAYS resizes itself to a tiny window, no matter how I sized it before minimizing.

The ability to sync on a mac would be nice, i really want to use for my custom domain but can't live with POP3.

I agree, it's really annoying now that Microsoft STILL haven't made a method of using on Mac

I bet when they do they make you purchase their £150 office suite to get Outlook for it to work too

I switched to and just assumed this would happen quite quickly, considering moving back to Gmail

Speaking of mail, why don't I get new mail notifications on Windows 8 mail app for LABELED (aliases) email boxes? Only if they are moved to default inbox folder

We expected teething issues but is this the same for all accounts (microsoft accounts that dont end with @hotmail or @live)?

@Shahrad this is happening to,live, and accounts when I try to configure it in Outlook 2013. Moreover, the problem is now affecting my outlook/Hotmai/Live accounts on my WP, Surface, and recently my iPad.

The only way to access these accounts error free is to go through the browser.

I'm very frustrated since I've been asking Microsoft to fix this problem since August.

TheGreek said,

How do you know what you use? thanks

If you have recently setup an outlook/hotmail account in Outlook 2013, then you used EAS. If you used IMAP or POP settings you would remember (most likely) -- since it require you to enter POP/IMAP mail server and port information.

I'm using Windows 8 Mail, Outlook 2013 and Windows Phone on an MSN account and have not experienced any issues. I only had a problem with chat on web MSN messenger where some of my contacts were being blocked when I first joined the beta-testing, but that has since been rectified.