Microsoft unveils Windows 8 box art, comes in 5 flavors

If you have been upset that you and your neighbors both had the same box for your retail copy of Windows 7, fret not, as Windows 8 will bring with it 5 variations for you to choose from. While announcing earlier today that Windows 8 is officially up for pre-order, Microsoft also showed off the box art for the new platform.

Windows 8 will come in five flavors, which you can see here in this post. Why the different colors? Why not? While we do not have a firm answer as to why there are 5 different variations of box art of the same product, options are never a a bad thing.

So, after taking a look at all five options, will the colorful packaging sway you from a digital download or are you determined to purchase what might be the last physical copy of Windows to ever be sold on retail shelves?

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