Microsoft's new Bing TV ads show its use on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One

Microsoft's most recent TV commercials for Bing tried to show how the search website compared to Google. Now it looks like Microsoft is trying another approach to get people to notice Bing, this time as more than just a website search engine.

In two new TV ads that have been uploaded to YouTube, Microsoft shows that Bing has been integrated into Windows 8.1 as well as Windows Phone 8. The one minute long commercial show users accessing Bing on their devices in many different ways, such as translating a Chinese sign to English on a phone. There's even a glimpse of Bing being used on a big screen TV on Microsoft's Xbox One console. The shorter 30 second commercial is an edited version of the 60 second ad.

The ads also showcases the new Bing logo with an animation that shows three yellow banners flying into one spot and leaving behind the new Bing symbol. It's certainly a different and more serious approach than the humorous TV ads that Bing has tried in the past, and it also shows that Microsoft wants people to know that Bing will be inside many of its products going forward.

Source: Bing on YouTube

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