Microsoft: 25 million people have taken the "Bing It On" challenge

Last Month, Microsoft's cameras went to Topeka, Kansas to film a new "Bing It On" TV ad. The reason? Topeka at one time renamed itself to Google, Kansas as a marketing trick to get Google to bring its 1 Gbps Google Fiber service to the city.

While that scheme didn't work, the town is now the subject of the newest Bing commercial, which once again is hosted by comedian and The Nerdist podcast co-host Jonah Ray. The commercial, as posted on YouTube, follows the formula of the previous ads as Ray challenges Topeka residents to see if Bing or Google gives them the best results when searching for things on the Internet.

Naturally in the "blind search test" the commercial shows that at least some Topeka residents felt that Bing gave the best search results overall. These ads continue to be released and, as we have reported on before, they may actually be effective. ComScore shows that Bing has made small but solid gains in the U.S. Internet search market share.

Microsoft mentions the new TV ad in their newest Bing blog and added that so far 25 million people have take the "Bing It On" challenge. For more information on just how Microsoft develops and improves Bing, check out our new feature article where we chat with Bing team members Stefan Weitz and Robert Dietz.

Source: Bing on YouTube

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