More new Windows 8.1 features spotted in leaked build

While Microsoft has officially confirmed some of the new features that will be found in the upcoming Windows 8.1 update, many of them had already been revealed in leaked builds of the OS. Today, a new article claims to have found some more small but interesting new features based on checking out one of those leaked Windows 8.1 builds.

McAkins Online posts up word that, while examining the unnamed leaked build, they found a new option when right clicking on a Windows 8 app called “Open in a New Window”. It would appear that this will allow more than one Windows 8 apps to run in a window, something that has been requested by many current Windows 8 users.

Another small change that was spotted concerns how desktop apps are displayed on the Start screen. In Windows 8, the logo of a desktop app is shown on a background that has the current color of a user's Start screen. The leaked Windows 8.1 build shows that desktop app tiles now have the background color of the app logo itself.

Yet another small change in Windows 8.1 centers on the Start screen tattoos. Currently in Windows 8, the tattoos match the color of the Start screen background. Windows 8.1 may allow the user to change that tattoo color, no matter what the background color of the Start screen happens to be. Some of the tattoos will even have animations, according to the report.

The article also claims Windows 8.1 may have a Modern style file manger, which is something that we have previously reported. The app will reportedly be able to open open .exe files, which can't be done in any current Modern Windows 8 apps. Keep in mind that these new features have been spotted in a leaked Windows 8.1 build. It's more than possible Microsoft may decide not to implement them when the final version of the OS is released.

Source: McAkins Online | Image via McAkins Online

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Also, like I mentioned above, it is not a unnamed leaked build. If your have 9385, open the "Files" app(no idea why McAkins said it's labed Skydrive), charm menu->settings-> get the same screen shown in his 4th screen-shot, showing build 9385.

According to Microsoft sources, they changed the name of the Files app to Skydrive. I have no idea why. Basically, in the public preview, you will see it called "Skydrive" not "Files".

Allah knows best.

Yes, in the leaked pic of 9415 there is a skydrive apps, but we don't know what it actually does(yet); McAkins was using a 9385, and in it the Files apps with the skydrive icon is labeled Files.

it is a skydrive app,but they integrated local file management into it. it is not a local file management app from the beginning,so yes it deserves the skydrive labeling.

The "Open in new window" option already exists when you highlight IE on the Start Screen. Been like that since release.

wixostrix said,
The "Open in new window" option already exists when you highlight IE on the Start Screen. Been like that since release.
Correct, in fact this option is only for desktop apps. 2ndly, it's not an "unnamed leaked build", on the 3rd picture, it says clearly build 9385.

I think he means on Modern UI apps, not only the desktop apps. Screenshot shows a Modern UI app not a desktop app

Edited by nito1234, Jun 3 2013, 10:44am :

Yup, but that's because you have IE pinned as a desktop aplication (Metro IE only works if it's the default browser), if you try that in another app (Music App for example), you won't have that option

Of course clarify me if I am wrong ^^U

Yep, IE is my default browser. And that's exactly what McAkin shown in his pic., that means, this option is not a new thing in 9385, it already exists in 9200. Actually if you have both 9200 & 9385, you can check it out yourself.

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker said,
Yes it is. Read my post right above yours.

The "Open New Window" button doesn't do what you said in that post. It simply opens IE with a new tab/window instead of opening it in the last state it was. There will be another button to have two IE windows side by side.