Motorola unveils its first smart watch the Moto 360

It was only a matter of time before Motorola decided to join the smart watch category with its own entry. Although this device wont be launching until summer, Motorola has definitely introduced a product that is unique compared to its competitors. The Moto 360 aims to change the way smart watches are created by offering it as a modern timepiece. By starting with the design, Motorola decided that using high quality materials like metal and leather were key in making this smart watch different; they also wanted to create something that resembled a traditional timepiece.

By sticking with a circular design, they created a classic timepiece with the updated technology of todays daily needs. Utilizing Google's new mobile device OS, Android Wear, the Moto 360 will have features similar to Android with utilization of spoken command assistance by Google Now; users will be able to initialize a connection by using the phrase "Ok Google". From there, you will be able to speak commands to text, check email, and find directions.

While there is no mention of specifications or physical technologies used, if this watch can provide excellent battery life and functions as advertised, Motorola could be the first company to have mastered creating a functional smart watch with mass appeal. 

The Moto360 is slated to release in Summer of 2014 with an unknown price point.

Source: Engadget via MotorolaImage via Motorola 

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Not really their first one...the MotoActv was their first one, but it was discontinued last year. The 360 looks like a watch you could wear to work or a fancy event, but not to the gym. I wonder if it will have fitness features or if Motorola plans on releasing additional watches like the Actv. Right now there is nothing on the market that matches the features (or price) of the Actv.

It looks pretty but this has zero information about whether it's actually going to be useful.

The video is typical vapid vacant puff piece with a bunch of talking heads and no footage of it in action, no info about the watch, what it will be capable of, what the battery life will be like...

Nothing. So given a total lack of info, all I can say is "it looks pretty".

My problem with these smart watches is that in standby mode their screen goes blank. I know its meant to preserve the battery but I really don't like that. Would be nice if they would enter into a Galance mode, like in the Lumia's.

I hope it has different faces to choose from, not because I don't like the ones shown in the video and picture, just having more than two options seem good to me.

Now this is something that can make the smartwatch really take off. Depending what further info comes out about it, I may actually consider getting one. It doesnt look goofy and out of place like a lot of the others do.

I can see it now. With some buds having a beer. One says "OK Google..." Everybody's watches light up. Everybody disables voice input

Or maybe just include Qi wireless charging so when I put it on my bedside table at the end of the day, it automatically charges through night and maybe serve as a bedside clock/alarm/radio.

Looks great. If I were to use a smart watch, I'd likely use this one.

The problem with most smart watches today is that the manufacturer isn't thinking about a watch, the manufacturer is thinking about a small device that has android on it. Hence, we have only seen square designs for smart watches.

Regardless, though, I ain't changing my watch for any of these things. I think they're pretty useless right now. I'm on the train that firmly believes not everything in our lives need to be "smart". For example, smart TVs? They're crap and not much better than a regular TV.

Continues the mantra "please be under $300, please be under $300, please be under $300"

Come on guys join in.....................

Can you please ask to your neighbour's step-mother to borrow me $300 so I can buy this watch...please...

EDIT: the coment that I was replying was removed (it was spam)