New Nokia Music+ video shows Windows 8 and RT clients [Update]

On Sunday, Nokia made the surprise announcement that it would launch a new subscription music service for its Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones called Nokia Music+. The biggest feature about the service is the price as Nokia will only charge about $3.99 a month for Lumia owners to download an unlimited amount of songs from the service, which is far cheaper that competing services.

Today, Nokia uploaded a new video on its YouTube channel, where the company's Entertainment Evangelist (that sounds like a cool gig to have) Dean Pattrick, basically repeats what Nokia revealed on Sunday about the Music+ service. However, he adds one additional feature that was not announced on Sunday.

The video not only shows the web-based version of Nokia Music+ but also reveals, and briefly shows off, the native Windows 8 and Windows RT clients for the service as well. This means that owners of Windows 8 and RT PCs and tablets won't have to access a web browser to enjoy the service.

There's no information yet if Windows 8 and RT users can sign up to use Nokia Music+ if they don't own a Lumia smartphone; we have emailed Nokia for some clarification. Even if it is truly limited to Lumia users, this new music service could take some of those owners away from Microsoft's own Xbox Music service. Nokia Music+ is supposed to launch in the US and Europe in a few weeks.

Update: Looks like the video was not supposed to go live yet. Nokia has now made the YouTube clip private.

Source: Nokia on YouTube

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i'll wait and see if Microsoft responds to this with an update fixing Xbox Music - if they don't (and if the catalogue for Nokia Music grows) I'll definitely be considering this.

Anyone else see an issue with Nokia launching all its own apps that are a direct competition to Microsoft's built in apps? I mean, Drive is good since there is no built in navigation now, but this directly punches Xbox Music in the face. We also have Nokia maps directly competing with Bing maps.

Only the app is included, and that's because its also the built in audio file player. The Xbox Music service itself is not included. And about Bing Maps... if it was as good as Nokia's offering for sat nav, Nokia wouldn't have to bother.

Obry said,
Hopefully their client will be better than the pathetic excuse of a music app that Xbox Music is.

I was thinking the same thing. I'm a long time Zune pass subscriber and I was excited to see what improvements they might bring in Xbox music. They promised it would be Zune + more flexible and bring some of the social elements back. Instead we got a half-baked service and clients that feel like 0 steps forward and 10 steps back.

If Nokia can provide a decent streaming service that's cheaper and has good clients I'll dump Xbox Music quicker than...something that dumps really a rocket powered dump truck...or...something...