Office is on over a billion desktops worldwide

Microsoft has just kicked off its WPC conference and is already dropping some big statistics from its Office divison by saying that Office is on over a billion desktops. That deployment range is massive and really shows that Office is the de facto platform for corporate productivity.

While Office is currently doing quite well, the platform is expanding with the recent Yammer acquisition and of course Office 2013 is right around the corner that will further expand the footprint of the productivity suite.

Without a doubt Office is clearly the leading product in the segment and Microsoft is well aware of this. By shipping Office with WIndows RT devices, Microsoft is lining up its tablets to be corporate powerhouse devices. 

Microsoft's Worldwide Developer Conference is just kicking off and we expect to hear a lot more out of the Microsoft camp over the next couple of days.

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Will Microsoft "ruin" Office 2010 with the new version, as it did for Windows-7 with Windows-8? I can see the Office 2010 on Windows-7 setup for many years to come.

More interested in a details breakdown:
% by OS? (XP/2K3/Vista/7/WINE/Mac/etc.),
% legimate to % illegal (guessed),
% by type (home office student/pro/VLK)

Mateus said,
Meh, coffee mugs are on over a billion desktops worldwide

When your accountant asks for your expense report, show him your coffee mug.

Enron said,
One billion Offices. That's a lot of Clippys.

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