PlayClaw is now able to capture Windows Vista CoreAudio

Sytexis software have released new version of PlayClaw - game video capture tool.

This new version have minor improvements and new important feature - Windows Vista CoreAudio capture. It means that PlayClaw can capture audio directly from audio output in high quality. If you like you can capture even 5.1 or 7.1 channels audio.

PlayClaw is a really must-have tool for gamers. It have a number of useful features, especially for multiplayer games (like Teamspeak/Ventrilo overlays).

View: Official PlayClaw web site
Download: PlayClaw installation file | less than 1 MByte size (Shareware, $29.95)

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i can capture audio out put from my audigy value... just make the "WHAT YOU HEAR DEVICE" as my default recordeing and use sound recorder from windows :D

no need to pay 29.95 just to capture audio output

I think you have Windows XP. Try it on Vista, you will be surprised. PlayClaw doesn't capture audio ouput, it capture video & audio from games. Did you read only news title?