Ray 'Stallion83' Cox IV now has 1 million Xbox Live Achivement points

The man who set out to get 1 million Xbox Live Gamerscore points over eight years ago by playing games for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows and Windows Phone has finally reached that mark. Ray Cox IV, who goes by the gamertag "Stallion83" online and is already the person with the highest ever Xbox Live Gamerscore, hit that final achievement that pushed his score points to seven digits earlier this morning.

Cox went on his Twitch streaming video feed to stream his last few Gamerscore achievements on the Xbox One. He played a variety of games, including Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, before getting to the 1 million mark by playing.Titanfall, specifically by destroying a Titan as a ground pilot with a rocket launcher to complete the "I Like A Challenge" achievement.

In November as part of Microsoft's Xbox One launch festivities, Microsoft honored Cox for his previous achievements by giving him two items; a box that contained the first ever lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership and a rare white Xbox One launch team console. Cox used that same white Xbox One and its white controller this morning to reach the final 50 points he needed to get to his 1 million Gamerscore goal.

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb celebrated Cox's 1 million goal on Twitter:

Cox was very emotional on the video feed after reaching his goal. He said that he wanted to tell his future grandchildren about how he got to the 1 million mark. He also said that he is not sure what he will do next, other than he doesn't plan to play games in the same way. He doesn't feel he will try to reach the 2 million Gamerscore mark.

Source: Stallion83 on Twitch | Image via Twitch

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I got a kick out of his comments about grandchildren.

But the good news is that he now wants to do something with his life so the comical nature of that statement may change in the near future.

Me too, but I started again, because Microsoft in their infinite wisdom won''t let me delete those shiity games with only 5 points that I'll never play again

Just out of curiosity, is he super rich or something ?

Even if I theoretically wanted to do the same, I couldn't afford buying all of the games/arcades + not going to work, and play.

Did he make money from advertisements during the time that he played ? Someone sponsored him ?

He is probably sponsorized like the pro WoW players and such. Like the pro WoW players for him it's a job and he surely play more than 40 hours a week.

The number of games purchased is not so much if you divide it by the years he has been playing. Some people have more to spare than others, and if he only spends his money on living and gaming... he probably still has plenty of money on his bank account even with an average wage.
Also I know a couple of chaps that have many thousands of games for each major platform in the past 10+ years with a normal income. Even a few that do a lot of gameplay reviews and bug testing.
The amount this guy has played is immense. but as a dutch saying goes "Boss...supreme boss" (baas boven baas)

You are right Shadowzz if he is single and if he lives for gaming only. But if it's the case then people are right when they say he has no life. If he doesn't have a gf, no kid and no furniture outside of gaming and a bed (and i know people like that exist) and spend all his money on gaming then he effectively has no life. If he has a gf, kids, an house and a car and does some trips while on vacation there's no way he can spend that much money on gaming with the average wage. He would need a high position job and this require lot of time and effort so not enough time to unlock all those achievements. I prefer to think he is sponsorized and do not work and his job is playing games so he still has time to go out and enjoy life.

People are not right to claim he has no real life. They have no right to judge other people's choices for their own happiness.
And nah, 1500 games played, lets say 20 bucks a pop, 30k spend over a time of 8 years makes it 4000 a year that he spends on games...
Doable with average wage without living like a poor person.
And I think its a high average for games, since most are free or close to free.

He said that he wanted to tell his future grandchildren about how he got to the 1 million mark. He also said that he is not sure what he will do next,

I'd suggest actually going outside for a bit and experiencing the real world for a while if he wants grandchildren.

No doubt we'll see a bunch of comments same as last time about how he's such a loser, no job, no gf and all sorts of nonsense.

As for me, while this is not something I'm interested in but purely from the perspective of appreciating his single-minded focus and dedication at something in life, whatever it might be, I congratulate him. Hope it brought him joy.