Review: VDIGI's VD-W3 Wii HD adapter

When I first heard about VDIGI’s VD-W3 Wii upscaler, like many others, my first reaction was, “how does this differ from any other upscaller currently on the market?”.  The unit arrived a few days ago and I tested the product with two games, Wii Sports and Mario Kart for Wii.

The device connects directly to your Wii and is powered by the USB port which helps out as it doesn’t require an external power source.  The unit feels solid but the controls on the device are extremely small, don’t plan on changing any of the settings on the fly.

Before I go further, I must say that I do not have any video capturing products that worked with HDMI or DVI.  Because of this I couldn’t provide any screen shots and taking pictures with my camera provide little benefit. 

The device does work as advertised, sort of.  The big draw is that the device works over HDMI and you will notice some benefits from this.  The colors do appear to be more vibrant and in some cases provide noticeable enhancement.  If you are looking for the absolute best picture possible from the Wii, this product may be for you.

But, the enhancements, while somewhat noticeable are far from “HD”.  This product is an upscaller first and tailored to the Wii second.  The switches on the device are far too small and you need really small fingers or a screwdriver to adjust any of the settings. Also, if your Wii is in a cabinet with little room to move around, adjusting the device without disconnecting it from the Wii is virtually impossible.

At the end of the day, the device does work to some extent.  The VD-W3 retails for $59.00 and does what it claims, but don’t expect any mind blowing visuals after you connect the device.  Its great if you’re obsessed with wanting the best details and most vibrant colors, but if you’re a ‘casual gamer’, you won’t notice much of a difference.

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i have a sony bravia and yes the upscaler in this unit is far better than your tv one!
it made Darkside chronicles look amazing on my 46 inch screen

great product ordered it day one have no complaints. I notice a huge difference in image quality because i have a eye for fine details.

Fine eye for details = placebo effect for fanboys wanting to justify their snake oil purchase.

I bet you used a Monster HDMI cable too.

I use the component cable for my Wii and that provides a nice sharp image with warm colours, i don't see the point in upscalling the image, surely that would make it worse??

This might be very good for people who have LCD TV's that lag when running the Wii, I am sure they'd happily pay $60 for it.

hey brad do you have Netflix for Wii if so or if you can maby borrow a friends disc maby ya can test netflix out and see how things look for movies and TV shows going via this up scaler device

Its great if you’re obsessed with wanting the best details and most vibrant colors, but if you’re a ‘casual gamer’, you won’t notice much of a difference.

If you're not a casual gamer, then why did you buy a Wii? =P

Nintendo should just release a WII HD. Seeing the games running in the dolphin emulator this shouldn't break anything or require any additional dev kits.