Skype on iOS gets updated, fixes chat bugs

If you're a fan of the iFruit company then we have some good news: Skype has received an update that fixes bugs, enhances audio on video quality and gives you better notifications.

The latest version of Skype, 4.8 for those of you who are counting, is now live in the iTunes store and it's available on almost all iOS devices as long as you're using iOS 5 and above. Most importantly this update fixes all the chat issues that our users have been reporting for a while now. The official changelog looks like this:

  • Video and voice call stability over a mobile data or WiFi connection is better than ever
  • Receive more detailed notifications in the Notification Center
  • We’ve fixed the chat issues; all chats now appear in the correct order
  • We’re providing a welcome tour to make it easier to get started on Skype

The iOS client received a major update in March, providing users a new experience and now we see another step in right direction with optimizations and enhancements. All in all this is a decent update and it shows Microsoft's commitment on being the primary VOIP client on all platforms.

Source: Skype | Image via iTunes

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Might be because of a different market but this update was available since the 30th.
One change that I do like is doing away with "Message from Friend: xxxxx" in the notifications. Now it's just "Friend: xxxxx"

The Skype app still suffers from not recognizing who is online or offline. I'd see about 12 friends online at 9 AM, the same number as that from the night before, then after restarting the app it would correctly show only 4 friends online.