Soluto: Windows 8 installed on over 3 percent of Windows PCs

Three weeks ago, Microsoft made the final shipping version of Windows 8 available for sale to the general public, either as a software upgrade for an older PC or installed inside a new PC. Today, a software company claims their data shows that Windows 8 has now been installed on over three percent of all Windows PCs worldwide.

This new data comes from Soluto, an Israel-based software company that has released a PC app that helps with PC performance problems. It claims that data from users of that software show that, at the moment, Windows 8 has been installed in 3.12 percent of all Windows PCs. Of that number, just over 50 percent of them have been installed on desktop PCs, with over 44 percent installed on laptops. Just 4.6 percent of Windows 8 units are being used on tablets.

Soluto's data also shows that, of all places, Hungary has the highest percentage of Windows 8 users at 8.9 percent. China is second with seven percent and Australia is third with 4.6 percent. Romania is fourth with 3.7 percent and the US is fifth with 3.4 percent.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said a couple of weeks ago that in its first four days, Windows 8 upgrades had been installed on four million PCs.

Source: Soluto | Image via Soluto

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Bioran said,
I'm pretty sure it's "Windows 8 installed on over 3 percent of Windows PCs which uses Soluto", not PCs in general.

quite true, most people with older systems would not have even heard of Soluto, let alone have any desire to install it.

TCLN Ryster said,

And yet it's mainly the "tech-savy" people who whine and moan about Windows 8...

no its not. Its the computer noobs that like to pretend they are tech-savy that whine and moan.

It's good to see XP's market share is going down. I really hate supporting it. I just recently got rid of it on my secondary "tinkering" machine. Maybe I'll run it in a VM 40 years from now for nostalgia.

Ficman said,
I don't know of ANYBODY who' loaded it on a PC

I've put it on my desktop, convertible tablet, and my HTPC last weekend. I've also installed it on both my parents convertible tablets (my old ones). Works great!

kazuyette said,
I loaded it on my laptop and my girl's laptop too.

I might load it too, just to skew the percentages back to the more normal real world scenario of Win 8 (0.001%) - a far cry from the 3% claimed by Microsoft!

dvb2000 said,

I might load it too, just to skew the percentages back to the more normal real world scenario of Win 8 (0.001%) - a far cry from the 3% claimed by Microsoft!

Win 8 has 0.001% eh. Nice troll, but it must sting that a new OS has a bigger % then Linux

subcld said,
so its 3.12 % from people who install the app

Technically yes, though you could also argue that this could be a representative sample. It's the same way the TV ratings are done... not by seeing what EVERYONE is watching, but by taking a representative sample group and then extrapolating from those figures.

tomasse said,
so, are they counting VMware installations as well?

It's any installation of W8 where the user has also installed the Soluto app. One might argue that those just tinkering with Windows 8 on VM are not likely to install Soluto.

Those are W8 installed only on Soluto users PCs, not counting the rest of the world. So the logical conclusion is that maybe there are even more W8 users around

I used Soluto with Windows 7 but now that I've upgraded (Yes, upgraded) to Windows 8 I don't feel the need for it so maybe that plays a big roll in the adoption rate being so low according to their stats, I won't try and mask the fact that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with it but it works fine for me though

It is known that 1.3B people have a PC that runs a version of Windows. 69% of them are running Windows 7, 18% running XP and the rest combine for everything else; with 3% using Windows 8.

So 3% of 1.3B is a pretty big number when placed in perspective. Ballmer said, that by summer over 400M people are expected to be using 8 in some form, desktop or RT.

Based on Windows RT sales, at last 3M have one of those and the rest are using it on a desktop. Once Windows Surface pro and tablets running the full Windows OS appears, the scale will increase.

I'm in that 3%. The improvements to the desktop is why I chose to upgrade. Also, the fact it only cost $40 for WIndows 8 Pro helped a bit.

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