Sony confirms discussing Windows Phone with Microsoft, no device planned yet

Sony has confirmed that it has been involved in discussions with Microsoft over the adoption of Windows Phone in their smartphone lineup and may launch a device in the future.

A new report from TechRadar, has shed light on Sony's plans to move away from being a single OS based smartphone manufacturer. Sony has been focused on making Android based tablets and smartphones since its breakup with Ericsson in 2011. Sony has been involved with Microsoft in making the Windows-based VAIO laptops, and has also launched Windows Mobile 6.x based phones in the past. However, the company has stayed away from Windows Phone and merely showed curiosity about the platform till now.

It was recently reported that Sony might be planning to launch smartphones based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform in 2014. Now, in an interview with TechRadar, Pierre Perron, the head of Sony Mobile Europe, said that, "We are continuing our discussions with other partners, including Microsoft, as part of our partnership with this company on the broader Sony spectrum" and that, "We don't want to be a single OS manufacturer, I don't think it's a viable position in the long term."

According to Perron, Sony has been successful collaborating with Google and using the Android platform while at the same time is worried about Google's relationship with direct competitors, which may be a reason the company is looking at alternative platforms as well. Perron suggested that there is no Windows Phone release planned for the near future and the discussions are of a tentative nature.

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TheCyberKnight said,
OK Microsoft, time to lower down the mobile OS license fees.
What about free?

I think the minimum/required specs and approval from MS are a bigger issue. Certainly, I like it as a consumer, but I don't think OEMs do.

Mandosis said,
Because if its free it opens up the possibility of having it ported to other phones such as android powered phones.

Think you're getting confused with open source and WP license costs.

Mandosis said,
It means a developer could make a Windows Phone ROM that will run on an Android device that would otherwise never run it.

How is a fee preventing that? There are already WP ROMS.

Google has Motorola, Microsoft has Nokia (sort of). Sony will have the same problem of internal ecosystem competition no matter which platform it uses.

I would be very interested in a Sony WP device.

The possibility of having a single phone that had full access to both my X1 and PS4 is pretty cool. Getting PS Now on WP would be cool too.

One step closer to MS and Sony merging their gaming efforts

trooper11 said,
I would be very interested in a Sony WP device.

The possibility of having a single phone that had full access to both my X1 and PS4 is pretty cool. Getting PS Now on WP would be cool too.

One step closer to MS and Sony merging their gaming efforts

Honestly, Sony's gaming library could make their phone very desirable if they make good ports to mobile regardless of platform. Trick would be PSN integration.

I think this is kind of interesting. On one hand, MS can tout this is great saying "Look at Sony, they are making great business sense by not tying themselves to one platform". On the other, they can say "Look at Nokia, they are so confident in WP that they have made WP their ONLY smartphone option".

From the standpoint that every little bit help this is good news. But let's be honest, this is far from exciting news. What is Sony doing in the phone space these days? they are just another struggling OEM. To me Sony is like a girl that was a hot years ago but time has not been kind to her, yet she still thinks that she is still pretty and acts that way.

It would be exciting news if Samsung made bigger and real commitment to Windows Phone. As it stands now they are only sticking their toe in the water so the speak.

This is great news but Sony has got to be prepared to put in as much effort into their WP devices as Nokia does, else they would simply lose out to Nokia. Nokia's WP devices are boss right now.

Sonne said,
Sony won't do it, on a business level Sony hates Microsoft

Except they don't. Notice the entire line up of Sony PCs and Sony support of Microsoft products.

Sony's media division even makes an App for the XB360. These companies actually get along rather well. (When Sony was having ongoing hacks a few years ago, they even used Microsoft to help plug the holes.)

Sony's gaming division is in competition with Microsoft, that is it.

I think that SONY won't bother with Windows Phone. I think that SONY would be wasting time, money and resources if they went down a Windows Phone path and offered a Windows Phone. If flagship WP devices were selling well across the world then it would be a different story, the only Windows Phones that sell in any volume are the low end phones to people who are basically looking for any phone they can afford. Thats not a market to want to be part of because Nokia and MS have it pretty tied up for themselves.

I am a huge fan of Nokia, and that has nothing to do with their Windows Phone models.

But if Sony could make a Windows Phone, showing off music features such as powerful speakers and a clearer sound than most other phones (because let's face it, Dolby and Sony are masters of audio engineering) I would definitely consider buying it. A (more) music oriented WP (hardware-wise)? Yes, thank you.

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