Study: 28 percent of 3DS owners don't care for 3D effects

Nintendo's 3DS portable game console was heavily hyped before its release due to its use of 3D effects on one of the console's two screens. The 3D visuals can be seen without the need for special glasses and can be adjusted or turned off entirely. But since the console was released in February in Japan and in March in the US there's been some questions as to the overall need for the 3D effects for the games made especially for the console.

Gamespot reports that according to a new study by Interpret, just 22 percent of Nintendo 3DS owners surveyed believe that the 3D effects improve gameplay while 28 percent believe the effects actually detract from the gaming experience. 13 percent of 3DS owners say they play games on the console with the 3D effects turned completely off. The study also indicated that for non-3DS owners, 28 percent of them were not even aware that the console allowed for glasses-free 3D effects. The survey was conducted in May of this year with 1,600 people participating.

In terms of 3D gaming overall, Interpret's study says that just seven percent of gamers believe a handheld console is the ideal platform for playing games in 3D. 56 percent of those surveyed believe the best 3D gaming experience is with a large screen TV connected to a console; but at the same time, wearing glasses to experience the 3D effects is still a problem. 37 percent of those surveyed said they experienced nausea or dizziness which watching 3D games and entertainment on the screen.

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The 3D is always off on my 3DS.... It was actually something that made me wait before buying one... I'm not a fan of the 3D

the 3D effect is great; however, when i'm playing OOT, i need to turn it off when i'm battling a boss or when i need to use the gyroscope. it certainly doesnt take way from the game. i love the 3D effect.

and to those that say the 3D effect hurs their eyes - yes, it'll take a short while for your eyes to get used to it, but the muscles in your eyes will strengthen and you'll be fine.

I don't see the appeal of 3D at all. I admit I have yet to watch a 3D movie, however the limited times I've tried 3D in other situations I didn't enjoy it. It distracts from watching the content.

I enjoy the 3D, but my head feels funny after like 10 minutes of it, and eventually it would evolve into a headache. The effect is a large hassle to use, if it did not require "the sweet spot" and give headaches I would love it.

I only have Zelda, my other games are all DS, but I don't use it because it means deciding between motion controls and 3D. The 3D is great, don't give me wrong, but you can't move the thing with 3D on if you don't want a headache and aiming with motion controls is just too much fun/natural for me.

While using the demo at Target I found that you had to position the screen at a certain angle to clearly see the 3D effects(obviously, as with TVs), and in some games that proved to be rather difficult... thus having a negative impact on the gaming expierence.

I personally enjoyed the handheld and thought it was a great idea, but I can see how I would def. turn off the feature in a lot of games or not care for it at all.

Game in mention was StarFox w/ the tilt controls

Tho, I do find it odd that 28% were not even aware of the 3D functionality of the device. I guess people do not research what they buy anymore.

Ugh, this reminds me how during the summer my friends would borrow my 3DS & always turn the 3D off, & it really got me annoyed since I actually like the 3D, & don't want to have to remember to turn it back on each time...

More people say the 3D detracts from the gaming experience than those saying it improves it? Sounds like they surveyed a bunch of morons.

Hardly. When ever I play on the 3DS I turn the 3D off - I find it distracting. That's not to say I don't appreciate 3D, as I have a 47" LED 3DTV. But 3D is more of a special occasion thing, rather than for every day usage, at least with the current technology.

theyarecomingforyou said,
Hardly. When ever I play on the 3DS I turn the 3D off - I find it distracting. That's not to say I don't appreciate 3D, as I have a 47" LED 3DTV. But 3D is more of a special occasion thing, rather than for every day usage, at least with the current technology.

I feel like it depends on the game. For OoT3D I used it occasionally (usually to entertain me while crossing Hyrule Field) but tended to leave it off due to the gyro controls when aiming or looking around. For Starfox 64 3D I had 3D on almost all the time. I preferred to use the controls for moving, rather than gyro, simply because there was more precision. Since I wasn't moving the 3DS around, the 3D worked beautifully and it really enhanced the feeling of the game.

So wait, 28% think 3D makes their experience worse, but only 13% manage to move their finger a few centimetres to slide it off? This survey is odd.