TechSpot: MSI WindPad 110W Tablet Review + Windows 8 Impressions

Although it might feel like there are endless options for the consumer, most of the devices are more similar than they are different, especially in terms of software. While iOS is limited to Apple's products, Google's Android can be found on just about all other mobile devices -- tablets or smartphones. Although you may not realize it, there exists a third competitor in the tablet OS market: Microsoft.

The WindPad 110W is powered by the 40nm AMD Z-01 dual-core Fusion APU, which is specifically built for tablet computers and features a thermal design power rating of only 5.9 watts. This is currently the only tablet we're aware of that utilizes the Z-01 as the vast majority use the Intel Atom range, which is largely comprised of single-core processors. With that in mind, let's proceed to analyze the WindPad 110W's finer details, along with impressions after installing Windows 8's Developer Preview on the tablet...

Read: MSI WindPad 110W Tablet + Windows 8 Review

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crazy to see that some of the test make it comparable to the i3-330.. but it uses 1/3 the amount of power.. This would be a great tablet for people that want to just watch movies, do internet browsing and all while having the option to do some real work on full MS office

its nice it has AMD Z-01 which i think has HD 6250.

but the design is not that nice, and the Price is crazy. at least now someone can install Windows Dev Preview on it! which would make it better

I dare say that with the right hardware, Win8 tablets with the free Pre-Dev could start selling well by the end of the year! I have been running the Developer Preview since day one as my main OS, and I use my computer constantly to do a LOT of different things. Over the last 15 days It has crashed exactly 7 times, mostly from trying to launch Skype that still does not work.

Although you may not realize it, there exists a third competitor in the tablet OS market: Microsoft.

Unbelievable! I didn't knew that!