US to place import ban on some HTC devices in April 2012

Smartphone maker HTC has been found to have infringed on patents owned by Apple in the US, according to a decision that was made late today by the US International Trade Commission. In its report, the US ITC said that starting on April 19, 2012 HTC won't be able to import some of its smartphones into the country as a result of the patent violations. HTC will be able to bring in phones that are slated for owners who have had their older devices repaired.

This new decision comes after the US ITC ruled back in July that HTC had violated two of Apple's patents that deal with a "system and method for performing an action on a structure in a computer" and a "real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data." HTC appealed the decision but today's verdict seems to be the final word on this particular case.

The ruling is a victory for Apple who has been fighting patent battles on a number of fronts around the world with companies like HTC and Samsung. Today's decision does give HTC time to get the ruling reversed or change its smartphones so that they no longer violate Apple's patents. It could also settle with Apple and pay the company to use its patents in HTC's phones.

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Samsung...HTC...and there will be others. Apple isnt done yet people and I am not surprised by this at all. Instead of working with the companies like MS has, Apple gets products banned and then has the nerve to try and tell the other companies how to design their products. I understand protecting your patents, but companies...Apple...doesnt realize competition is good for everyone and if they learn to plan nice and get along, then its all for the better good. And its hypocritical to blame other companies for stealing, Apple. You are not exactly innocent in everything you do either.

Protect your investments...but work for a solution that is good for everyone.

htc should save their self from this and go with windows phone... They are spending alot of money just to use android as their os. Most people that go and by android phones dont know the os the phone is running they just want a phone and the market is flooded with android phones. If they flood it with windows phone, it will sell well apart from the fan boys.

Well if Apple wants to control the universe they better give the people what they want now, rather wait 5 years after everyone else has gotten it as well as create their own satuff. not copy off others and call it their own magical work

I would love to see a limited 2 month ban on android phones just so the people who sell phones would have to be trained on other phones so they would push them instead of android.

Melfster said,
I would love to see a limited 2 month ban on android phones just so the people who sell phones would have to be trained on other phones so they would push them instead of android.

wont happen. People still own android phones and will use them,

jonbjerke said,
Is it limited to their Android phones? I assume their Windows Phone based devices wouldn't be affected.

Yes, only the Android phones. So nothing too serious ^^

dvb2000 said,
when is the US going to ban iphone imports - Apple has stolen more patent technology than any other company!

I suppose when Apple stops being a US-based company.

CrimsonBetrayal said,
What a waste of tax dollars... seriously. These patents are nothing but a cash grab these days, and a waste of our dollars and resources...

Why would tax money be used to pay for a civil suit?

-Alex- said,


They pay for the lawyers court fees. The Judge's Salary as well as the Jury's pay for the time they are summoned to appear is paid for by tax payers.