WhatsApp developers claim no support for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 marks a milestone for RIM, and also a chance for the company to reinvent itself after some difficult and downright horrifying times. A mobile platform lives and dies based on the apps and developer community surrounding it. RIM might have lost a big name already, before their newest phones are even on shelves.

After an email from Crackberry author James Richardson, WhatsApp's team confirmed they had "no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment". While it isn't stated, that doesn't mean they're never going back to BlackBerry handsets.

WhatsApp makes sense for cross-platform communication, and it arguably makes the most sense with a BlackBerry. After all, the physical keyboard has long been a defining element of RIM design. BlackBerry Messenger is also established, being one of the major selling points for the phones.

Another quick and dirty fix is to sideload the Android APK. Richardson mentions another BlackBerry user identified as "Bla1ze", who sideloaded the APK to a phone and was thus able to continue using WhatsApp. While it's hardly a permanent solution, it works... for now.

Source: Crackberry

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After all, the physical keyboard has long been a defining element of RIM design. Blackberry Messenger is also established, being one of the major selling points for the phones.


First off, the launch device WON'T have physical keyboard.
Secondly, WhatsApp saw what BBM was and decided to copycat for the rest of the mobile landscape. I highly doubt BB users will care, as most are so intrenched in BBM to even consider this as a drawback to the platform.

The only time a BB user has ever mentioned whatsApp is when one of their friends switch to a non BB OS.
Only then it becomes a courtesy to said friend.

Did I mention, no physical keyboard on launch device?

This whole instant nature of communications have reached a whole new low when you need to know whether or not your recipient has 'seen' the message.

I have whatsapp on my WP devices and have NEVER used it beyond the initial install/send messages to everyone to get them on.

Texting still works, so does Messenger chat with Facebook integration.

I've always seen whatsapp as being a copycat.

The whole 'get my app to communicate instantly on a mobile device' is absolutely ludicrous from the onset. The damned things are built with the ability to communicate long before apps were even a consideration.

With all that said, it's time for KiK messenger to jump up and claim they're the one protocol for cross platform message spying.
Yes it's spying when the recipient wants to know when I'm ignoring them.

I disagree, I use whatsapp to communicate with my friends that live in NYC who don't happen to have blackberries and therefore no BBM.

It also works with wifi even without BIS, unlike BBM.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp has worked on Blackberry 10 since before it was shown to the public.
It works perfectly in the Android Player.

In other words, the WhatsApp developers, like many others, will wait and see which way the wind blows before spending time and money developing their app for a platform they may never give them a worthwhile return.

If BB10 hits the big time I'm sure their plans will be reviewed.

Even if BB fails, I think they could carve out a nice slice on Windows Phone or Android with their own features and devices. People might just love that, best of both worlds.

same story of last year's windows phone. If BB 10 has guts it will rise up even quicker than Windows Phone if not, then that is the end of the line for blackberry