Windows 8 demoed with new Gaze eye-tracking tool

Windows 8 can be used via a mouse and keyboard and also via a touch screen with its Metro user interface. Now a company has released a video showing Windows 8 being used by a combination of a track pad and a person's eyes. The eye-tracking device itself is called, naturally, Gaze, which was created by a Sweden-based company called Tobii.

The company has released a video showing Gaze in action on the developer preview version of Windows 8. For notebooks that have a touch screen, Gaze does still require the use of a trackpad. The device itself sits below the notebook's screen. For launching applications in Windows 8's Metro interface, you simply look at the application you want to activate and then touch the touch pad to launch it. Gaze can also be used in web browsing on Windows 8 to simply look at a link and then use the touchpad to click on the link.

The video looks cool but, as always, having a cool video is not the same as seeing the technology work in a real world enviroment. Gaze will be shown at CES 2012 next week and reports that Microsoft will actually have Gaze-based Windows 8 notebook at their booth. Tobii says it wants to work with notebook makers to have Gaze ship with their Windows 8 laptops.

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nowimnothing said,
You're actually quite wrong that people expect thing to go where they look. In fact, people usually only look NEAR what they're interested in. And given that eye-trackers have a limited accuracy (half a degree of visual angle is a decent estimate), it takes a good amount of cognitive processing to use your eyes as a pointer instead of letting them do what they naturally want to do. It is quite taxing and not at all natural.

But this is new and better and I'm glad we have folk like you out there pioneering this stuff so once it is consumer electronics ready, the rest of us can enjoy it without the distress you bring up.

mjedi7 said,
I just freaking hate metro

Well, I hate you, so how about that? Stick with your archaic memes.

mjedi7 said,
I just freaking hate metro

Don't like it? Buy a Mac, it has all the glossy, round-edges shiny graphics with endless amount of icons screaming for your attention that you might ever want.

Farchord said,
This won't work with people like me that suffer from Strabism....

No technology is 100% perfect for everyone, that's why we have options.

I like this!

Luis Mazza said,
It's gonna be perfect when, and if I lose my arms on some kind of car accident...

Because you will use your toes on the touchpad to activate the Tobii technology?

Brando212 said,
interesting concept but how will it work out in the market

only time will tell

I think it has a place if I'm running my Win8 connected to an 80" LED TV

I like Metro, it's the crayon colors that make it a little ugly. They need to make it more magazine like on the color scheme. A simple adjustment really. And Gaze looks really cool if it will work, I dare say "innovative", but I'm sure Apple did it first in their own minds somewhere in LSD land.

jimmyfal said,

But it's the crayon colours that make it simple and clean and easy to read.
You don't see street signs made to look more 'magazine like'.

Metro is inspired by the urban signage we see around us in our urban lives daily. This is how the UI becomes intuitive, because it's all around us. Now, it's on our screens.

Very cool!

I think the people that don't see the usefulness of eye tracking are thinking about it as a replacement for the mouse/keyboard. It should be viewed as an additive technology. Imagine being able to leave your hands on the keyboard, and navigate around your computer without constantly reaching for your mouse, just by looking at what you want to click and pressing a button.

Or if they could add something like this to Kinect so you don't have to wave your hands around in front of the screen; you just look at where you want to go and give a quick gesture/voice command.

How many more commands per second do you think Starcraft players could get if they could dump the mouse and just looked at where they want their units to go?

There are all kinds of options. Unfortunately it's really going to take someone like Microsoft or Apple to make it mainstream, because it really has to be integrated at the OS level to be useful...

So let me get this. Metro is broken and non functional interface on anything but Tablet and Phone but we gonna still push it with new technology called Track my Eyes lol

Dear Ms, PC is not a Tablet!

Reminds me of philosophy Pharmacy industry has. We are not going to find a cure but we will make pills to prevent something and break other organs as well but no worries we are going to make pills for that as well.

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