Windows 8 tablets with AMD processors coming in 2012

Windows 8 was designed with the tablet market in mind along with the PC desktop and notebook markets. For the most part Intel and ARM-based processor companies have talked about their plans for Windows 8-based devices. But what about AMD? The long time competitor to Intel in the x86 PC processor market has been largely silent about its own Windows 8 plans.

Now that may be changing. Venture Beat reports that during AMD's annual analyst day event, the company announced it would be developing a processor specifically for the tablet market for launch later in 2012. More importantly, Lisa Su, the head of global products at AMD, confirmed that Windows 8 will be seen in tablet products with AMD-based processors inside them in 2012.

The report claims that the tablet processor will be code named Hondo and will be one of AMD's APU processors, which combine a CPU and GPU in one chip.

AMD had a rather bad 2011 as its saw its market share in the PC processor industry lose traction to Intel. It also laid off 10 percent of its workers in October and saw its Bulldozer eight-core processor get mixed reviews.

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At 4.5W, the new APU could be used in fanless devices, which is exactly what is expected for a decent tablet. By extrapolation, considering that the Acer W500 C-50 APU can run about 6 hours on its batteries, one could expect to reach 10 hours with the new APU and a similar setup.

I guess I'm not surprised as AMD based tablets exist today for Windows (Acer Iconia Tab W500). It's no power house, but it gets the job done.