Windows 8 usage on Steam climbs to 12.72 percent in May

Windows 8 use among mainstream PC owners is still making very slow gains, according to Net Applications, but the tens of millions of people who have Valve's Steam game client continue to show they embrace Microsoft's latest OS on a faster basis.  Today's newly updated Steam hardware survey for May 2013 shows that 12.72 percent of Steam users are accessing the service with either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8.

The hardware survey numbers for May 2013 shows that Windows 8 increased its share on Steam by just more than a full percentage point. In April, Steam's data showed Windows 8 was used by 11.65 percent of Steam subscribers. Windows 7 is still on top of the May 2013 survey with 66.63 percent, down from 67.57 percent in April.

Windows XP was used by 7.97 percent of Steam subscribers in May, down from 8.63 in April. The number of Steam users still using Windows Vista was listed at 7.25 percent in May, up from 7.06 percent in April. This is the second month of percentage gains for Windows Vista on the Steam survey.

For the past few months, Valve's survey list has also been displaying all of the versions of the Mac OS X PCs that connect to Steam, along with all of the various operating system that are based on Linux. This month, it appears Valve has decided to just show the top 20 operating systems on the Steam hardware survey, and placing all of the rest in one "Other" category. Thus, we don't have exact percentages for the OS X and Linux user basis on Steam. However, it does seem clear that the number of Mac and Linux users on Steam are still well below their Windows counterparts.

Source: Steam | Image via Valve


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I'd like to see some investigative journalism to get to the bottom of who these people are that are installing Vista... (or finally installing Steam on their Vista machines)

BradyM said,
I'd like to see some investigative journalism to get to the bottom of who these people are that are installing Vista... (or finally installing Steam on their Vista machines)

Its probably just Steam going more mainstream.

Windows 8 64-bit...

A great happiness is in my heart, expecially because it just happened, and microsoft didnt have to put it's foot down, but let OEMs do it as the hardware made senes

Well all new PCs come with Windows 8 now. It's bound to climb with time.... does not mean people like it, just means they are stuck with it. Families upgrade home computers and they get whatever comes with their new PC, which isn't going to be 7.

Joswin said,
Well all new PCs come with Windows 8 now.

It's not "all" by any stretch. Looking at a few random sources right now.. still a large number of Win7 systems being sold.. many of them actually have more Win7 models than Win8. Not unknowns either.. looking at HP, Dell, Tiger Direct, NewEgg, a couple physical stores.. really not seeing how it would be hard to find a Win7 machine if that's what somebody wants.

Because families tend not to care. They wont look for a Windows 7 machine specifically, why would they? Windows 8 is newer. If I walk into PC WORLD, there are no Windows 7 PCs around.

I was happy that a non-beta graphics driver came out for my system on Windows 7 six months ago. The only non-beta was XP before that. Just like enterprise systems, you're better off not upgrading until it's been out a while.

There's no reason for anyone who uses the Desktop Environment to "not" upgraded. Windows 8 Desktop Environment is generally a better Windows 7. I concede the kludge of Modern UI Search, the lack of Start Button for some, and for others the lack of Start Menu.

With the exception of the Menu, the others are supposed to be fixed, and looks to be so, in 8.1. In which case everyone should upgrade.

The Modern UI and Modern Apps are a whole other story, but 8.1 will make Modern UI more tolerable for those that have no need for it and see it as a nuisance. The numbers will continue to climb. Lots of great games coming. Maybe after Xbox One and PS4 both which use a PC architecture, there will be some serious Moderen UI games.

As a Windows 8 user, I agree 100%. Over all I've enjoyed the Windows 8 experience. Never really understood the unnecessary hate. Sure somethings could be better, but as a whole it's pretty darn good.