Windows Phone 7 developer tools beta released

Microsoft has been working hard on their developer tools for their up and coming Windows Phone 7. The beta release of the tools symbolizing that Windows Phone 7 is nearing completion.

The Windows Phone 7 developer tools is available for download now, which offers all developers a chance to start working on a list of applications for when the phone releases later on this year. Although this is still in beta, the developer tools will give users a glimpse of what will be available when the final SDK ships.

Microsoft isn't only shipping out developer tools for Windows Phone 7, but they are starting to ship out pre-production models to most of those who registered for one. The pre-production models will be shipping out next week to developers all around the world. Microsoft is also setting up test labs in major cities to those who won't be receiving a test model, but still want to beta test their applications and games.

If you want to get your hands on the Windows Phone 7 developer tools beta, sign in or register through this website. Developers also looking to get their hands on a pre-production phone for testing purposes, you can send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company name, if applicable
  • What city/state/country you are located in
  • App(s) you plan on developing (category and brief description)
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To sell your apps you need to pay a $99 yearly fee to have a Marketplace account then in addition you need to pay to have your software certified. I honestly don't know but do you have to do this for iTunes/Apple? I see this as a deal breaker for many individuals who may want to upload their applications to the marketplace.

Omen1393 said,
Wow, the emulator is at least 5 times faster than the last emulator.

That's good to know, what's the build number? Or I guess we'll have to wait for the guys over at XDA to unlock the new one as well.

*Edit* Looks like they unlocked it already, and the new build is 6414.

Good to see Microsoft putting the tools out before the release so when people do purchase they will have a store of ready apps and from there I hope it grows massively from there. But what I hope to see is not a brick of apps like the iphone, I want too see everything integrated like a quilt or blanket with in WP7 just like they said when they released the phone. Everything works together and I hope to see that with the phone. great read though.