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Converting videos using Premiere Pro

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#1 swissdude



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Posted 16 January 2012 - 07:58

Hi guys, I've launched a website recently and am new to it - I always want to keep videos on it that load quickly and are also HD quality

How can I do this?

I'm using Premiere Pro to do most of my video conversions but don't know which settings to use to make sure it always comes out right. I also have a specific area/size of the video - it should fit into a size of like 600x300

What settings can I use to have the video file a small size so it loads quickly and also HD quality?


#2 notuptome2004


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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:08

Well to have HD quality video they must be 720P or 1080p option the resolution you seek or well siad they need to fit in to is sub HD quality it is Standard Definition only or little less then that i have not used Adobe PP in years so i am not sure what settings to use anymore

#3 Wombatt



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Posted 16 January 2012 - 14:42

As said above High Definition video begins at 1280x720. Therefore if you want high quality video on your site that fits into the 600x300 space you will want to be converting into a high bitrate
600x300 is not a standard video size, as seen here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e5/Vector_Video_Standards2.svg
Therefore you need to choose a video format resolution that will fit your website space.
If you convert your videos into a MP4 container and use a H.264 codec, this gives you a very good quality to size ratio.

Any more questions just ask! :)