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Help With Buying a New TV

help tv samsung

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Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:25

So I am looking to buy a new TV but I don't know which one to get.

Budget: £900ish

Brand: Samsung. I know I'm limiting myself, I am open to other brands but I think Samsung are at the top of their game at the moment.

Size: Around 50"

Must have Freeview HD (some I have looked at don't state this, but they do have an HD tuner).
I like the fact the D6900 can record from the TV to a USB plugged in to the back of the TV.
I understand Samsung have/are replacing their "D" range with the "E" range.

I've looked on a couple of review sites and I was interested in the D9600 which received high scores nearly everywhere. However it seems that set is now slightly older and the replacement is the E6500. However this model is a fair bit more than I want to spend.
I've also looked at the E550, which is a few hundred pounds cheaper but I am afraid it won't have a couple of the main features I want.

Something else to consider is Comet stores have a deal where they will sell any 3DTV with two free glasses and a Bluray player. I'm not really bothered about that as I will have my HTPC attached to the TV anyway so would probably sell it. Although I have also read that Samsung include a pair of glasses in the TV box anyway, certainly for the 2012 editions (the "E" range).

I'm not too fussed about the 3D lark either, but in order to get a Freeview HD tuner and the screen size, you can't get those without 3D and Internet these days. It does get a bit better as I can get 10% off when I buy in a Comet store, however the extra £300 for the E6500 puts me off :/ Unless they can sell me the TV for £150 less and don't bother with the Bluray player. Hmm.

The other solution is so pick a lower screen size but a higher end version as I don't know if 51" will be a bit too big for comfort. My sister has a large TV in her lounge and it does look a bit silly :/ I currently have a 37" LG which is all right, I just want the Freeview HD really. UK Houses are a fair bit smaller than American ones.

Anyone have any advice?