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Windows Customization FAQ's and Rules

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General Rules
All posts and replies are welcome, Constructive Comments and Criticism is welcome, but we will not tolerate any type of flaming on our forums, nor will we tolerate any posts that have nothing to do with the main course of this forum.

Any replies that deviate from the main topic too far will have the topic closed.

If we feel that a post needs to be closed or deleted, we will first close the thread, then discuss it, if we feel it would be best delete it, we will do so, And notify the Admin & the post/replier as to the reason for the post or reply was deleted, in accordance with the Main Board Rules.

Considering that most of us are here for information, whether it is for asking for information, or offering, we are here to help one another. if Flaming is your reasoning for post or replies, then we wont tolerate it here.

Info Conerning File Hosting
NeoWin.net is currently unable to host the files.
See this thread
The Bandwidth is 40GB+ we are unable to deliver that much, after trying on 3 different (donated) servers We have been forced to disable the files.

Info Concerning "rips"*
If you see any Logon Screens or Visual Styles posted here that appear to be rips please use the report post link in the thread. Be sure include information on why you beleive it is a rip. After we look into it we will either leave the post be or delete it depending on our conclusion. (Policy Updated See Below)

Using Visual Styles and Style XP for beginners
A lot of people new to Style XP are having trouble with finding it and then installing themes so here is a simple howto for those new to Style XP.

First, you need to download and install Style XP itself from TGT Soft. The latest version is available here so download that now. Then, after you have installed it (simply run the installer and it will do everything for you) you will end up with a reboot and the Toothpaste theme will be enabled.

You will now want to try out some of the themes you see in this forum. Download the ones you want to try and then extract the contents of the zip file to a new directory in "C:WindowsResources".

You should end up with a folder like this "C:WindowsResourcesThemes[NameOfTheme]". Then run the .msstyles file in that new directory and click the apply button in the display properties dialog that opens.

Thats it, you should now know how to install and select a new theme.

(Note: If there is a readme file in the themes zip file, read that. If it contains instructions that differ from this, follow those instead.)

How to modify WinXP's boot logo
want to modify WinXP's boot logo? dont know how?
go here

* Policy Update concerning "rips"
Copyright violation policy update as of June 17, 2002:

Neowin.net does not allow or permit the posting of copyright violations. This includes, but is not limited to visual styles, icons, wallpapers and application skins. The following guidelines should be considered when posting a copyrighted work:

1.) Permission from the original copyright holder must be included with the posted content. Permission should be current, valid and addressed to the member posting the copyrighted work. A copy of the permission should be forwarded to an active forum moderator.

2.) Screenshots of copyrighted material are allowed within the forums. However, any attempt to distribute a "ripped" work by a board member is a violation of Neowin.net policy. This includes use of the private message system, posting of email addresses, etc.

3.) All permissions will be followed up by a forum moderator. Posting of a falsified permission will result in immediate action being taken against the offending member.

4.) Neowin.net asks that all members that find a work they believe to be in violation of copyright to report the offending material immediately, including all information as to why you believe the work to be in violation of a copyright.

Any post in violation of these policies will be deleted. Disciplinary action against the offending board member will follow existing Neowin policies.

Neowin.net respects the integrity and rights of artists and their works. If you have any questions or complaints about the enforcement of this policy, please feel free to contact any moderator in the Customizing Windows Forums.