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NYC Board of Health passes big-soda crackdown rule

new york fast food sugar

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 06:51

and this "sin tax" on "junk food" only drives people to spend more and does not discourage it at all.... In a world where people have very few comforts and not everyone gets joy out of working out or eating celery.... that may be happy for you however, everyone has different tastes, tolerances, etc... and you have to be able to see from other people's perspective on that. I can see how some people wouldn't like pasta and that's perfectly fine with me if there are people that don't like pasta, or coffee, or whatever... am I gonna shove liking that stuff down everyone's throats and call people bad names because they don't like coffee.... hell no and nobody should think or be like that.... never, that's childish to think that and throw a fit and go "they don't drink coffee so they are a bad person and we need to punish them" is pretty damn assholic and anyone that thinks that way should be ashamed...

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 20:54

Regardless of a supposed obesity epidemic, this is still ridiculous. I don't see how they are even allowed to do something like this legally. The government needs to back the hell off. If we want to get fat, let us. It's not their right to control how much food we eat, nor how much we drink.


Actually it is, because the government has been responsible for picking up the tab with healthcare costs.  This is exactly why I don't think government should be given authority over the things people can manage on their own.  We wouldn't be dealing with the current deficit crisis (at least not to the current magnitude) if it stayed the hell out of people's business.  If people want to die prematurely due to an intemperate and unhealthy lifestyle, then let them.  Let the people reap what they sow so and stop trying to play mother to the people.