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Remove language files_OEM Vista Hm Prem_C:\Windows\Help\OEM


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#1 Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 September 2012 - 17:09

Due to ever increasing size of Vista (HP's OEM Vista Hm Prem x64), trying to eliminate crap. Not just a few 100 MB. I install nothing to C: that gives an option. Uninstalled unnecessary apps on C:, do regular cleanups w/ BleachBit, CCleaner, etc. It's still huge.

One area in this * OEM * Vista version is all the language files in path C:\Windows\Help\E\OEM\ - language files take > 200 MB.

Researched this a good bit - could be wrong, but don't think any language packs were installed, so don't appear to be any options to "Uninstall language pack(s)" in Control panel, as many articles mention.

Anyone know for SURE if just deleting the language folders (besides English) in this path can cause problems? Thanks.

#2 Vince800



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Posted 30 September 2012 - 21:26

If you're running out of disk space and are down to deleting things which are just a few Megabytes I'd recommend you upgrade to a larger drive.

Though if you're still running the original Vista install System Restore could be using up quite a bit of space you could clear this by turning it off and on again but it will delete all restore points so don't do it unless you're not planning back on rolling back to a date before toggling it off and on again.

#3 jesseinsf


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Posted 30 September 2012 - 21:43

Things to look into before deleting that:
Hibernation uses the same amount of disk space as your total amount of RAM. If you don't use Hibernation then you can turn it off. If you have plenty of RAM then you can shrink the pagefile and set it at a fixed size. Turn off System Restore if you never used it, or reduce the size that System Restore uses. All this will save you Gigabytes of space. Those language files might be for HP's applications (and possibly other applications). My OEM folder on my Vista Machines is empty.

To disable the Hibernate file you can go to this Microsoft Fix-It page:

#4 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 September 2012 - 22:30

trying to eliminate crap. Not just a few 100 MB

I don't use hibernation & looking to get rid of unused, worthless junk. There's plenty of that w/o turning off system restore. I appreciate the suggestions, but there are many GB of useless junk. Like the help files in 20 languages. I assume they're worthless to me, but not absolutely what just deleting them will do - which is why I asked. Already reclaimed several GB & several more to go just getting rid of junk, that no clean up prgm touches.

Always a guess w/ Windows, but since the language files I mean are located in C:\Windows\Help\OEM\ - they could be for Windows' Help or HP / OEM apps (or crap) files. Either way, I don't speak Lithuanian. Just trying to determine what they are. Suppose I could back copy them to another disk, delete originals & see what happens.

Same thing w/ Windows Mail & other stuff - that I'll never use, but no way to uninstall. I asked in another post if the files could just be deleted w/o consequence, since it's "integrated" w/ Windows? Anyone ever just deleted Windows Mail program files in Vista?