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Would you like a gun with those ribs ?

new mexico rock island armory .38 super federal firearms trace

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 14:51

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) - A bizarre find in a package of meat at a grocery store has law enforcement agencies from New Mexico and Colorado wondering where the gun came from.

So far everyone involved with the case has said they've never seen this one before. A worker unwrapping frozen meat at Albertsons found a handgun and ammunition packed with it.

A worker at a Roswell Albertsons opened a case of frozen ribs in the meat section and made the discovery Wednesday.

The worker told his supervisor and turned the semi-automatic Rock Island Armory .38 Super along with seven rounds of ammo found with it over to police.

Preston told KRQE News 13 this gun is rarely seen in this area.

"We could speculate on a lot of things," he said. "It could have been someone just dropped it there, or it could have been something that someone put it there trying to hide it for 100 different reasons.

There are a couple clues to the mystery. According to the police report, the meat package came from the Swift Packing Plant in Greeley, Colo., and the date on the package is June 8, 2011.

News 13 spoke with Greeley police who said their gang unit is exploring what occurred during that time to determine whether the gun may have been involved in any crimes there.

Police said the pistol has not been reported stolen. Since it was cleaned off before police were notified, investigators said that does pose a problem.

The Albertsons supervisor told police there was an indention in the box where the gun was packed in with the frozen meat. Store officials told News 13 this is an extremely unusual circumstance, and that no one in the store was in danger when the gun was found.

The year old meat package, "tells us that we do have a large amount of time that has passed," said Preston. "And if it was stolen, we would have thought by now it would have been entered into the actual database NCIC."

Police have now entered the gun into the National Crime Information Center database. They will conduct a federal firearms trace, which will track the serial number to the last place it was sold or documented.


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Posted 08 December 2012 - 16:38

RIA's are made in the Phillippines and this one is distributed in the US out of Nevada. It's basically a lower cost knockoff of the Colt M1911 style pistols, but is available in more than their .45 cal chambering. Not a terrible pistol though, just plain Jane-ish.

Weird product placement though ;)

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 16:51

Maybe James Bond got locked in the freezer.

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 16:52

I guess that is something that will stick to your ribs! :D

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 17:07

pack some heat... pack some meat!

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 03:02

I bet the meat was suppose to go to a specific store and got side tracked.