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Man buys gun holster ...

indiana conceal carry permit lost finger

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#16 1941



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Posted 25 February 2013 - 18:50

There is a picture on the Blog that shows a pistol with a safety, but I doubt that is the weapon this guy used.

There are plenty of firearms that have no safety, the safety lies in a double action trigger.

My firearm has no safety, but I'd be hard-pressed to let it go off inadvertently as it is rates at 6 pounds. I'd be willing to bet this guy had a hair trigger single-action pistol.

Most revolvers do not have a safety, like you said double action. My .357 does not have one.

#17 DocM


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 20:43

My SIG Sauer P250sc has no safety being a double action automatic, but as others have said the pull is relatively heavy at 6+ pounds and that trigger has to move almost all the way back to fire - a long travel.

Double actions are not carried cocked (the firing pin or hammer under spring tension) as the long trigger pull does that when you go to shoot. Many such firearms also have an interlock that prevents the firing pin from moving until the trigger is all rhe way back to the release point. You could smack the thing with a hammer and it wouldn't go off. A built-in safety without a lever.

My guess is that this guy had a single action automatic and carried it cocked. In that state. If the safety lever is accidentally released the trigger then needs little pressure to release - IMO an accident looking for a place to happen.

#18 OP Hum


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Posted 25 February 2013 - 20:46

They must not test in Indiana for a concealed weapons permit. :/


#19 Growled


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Posted 26 February 2013 - 00:57

A friend of mine who has been handling guns for years shot himself in the leg while showing a gun for sale. It happens.

#20 OP Hum


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Posted 26 February 2013 - 01:47

I'll never forget reading the little manual that came with a S&W .357 magnum:

An experienced gun handler always checks the chamber to see if it is loaded.

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Posted 26 February 2013 - 02:12

Earlier model Glocks had a problem with accidental discharge, to the point where Detroit area PD officers started referring to the injury as "Glock Leg," a term still in common use in this area.


With automatics carrying one in the chamber isn't unusual, it's pretty much normal for cops and concealed defensive carry as you may not have time to cycle the slide to load a round.

The question is if the firearm has the necessary passive safety interlocks and if it has a double action trigger for that first shot. Double action only (DAO) pistols obviously do, Many single action pistols also have double action for the first shot and single action thereafter (DA/SA).

IMO only these automatic actions should be used for concealed carry, and indeed many police departments and some federal agencies require them - many going DAO only.

For revolvers the proper technique is an empty chamber under the hammer, or a revolver with a between the chambers rest position - something that's been around since at least the Remington New Model Army of 1858 (I have one.)

#22 Shiranui



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Posted 26 February 2013 - 02:23

Turkish: F**k me, hold tight. What's that?
Tommy: It's me belt, Turkish.
Turkish: No, Tommy. There's a gun in your trousers. What's a gun doing in your trousers?
Tommy: It's for protection.
Turkish: Protection from what? Zee Germans? What's to stop it from blowing your b******s off every time you sit down?

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