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Language disputes in Belgium but not Switzerland.

for europeans to answer

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 01:03

So I have a question to all the Europeans on this forum. I have been to Europe but this is one thing I do not know.

As you all know Belgium has a language dispute aka language war. Between the Flemish North ( dialect of Dutch ) and the French South. They have had so many problems in history even a goverment shutdown.


On the contrary Switzerland has 4 official languages, German, French Italian and Romanish with 3 German, French and Italian being the 3 more predominant. However Switzerland is a sucess eve as its just as small as Belgium if not smaller.

How do the Swiss manage to have all these cultures and languages but no language wars or disputes. Belgium is the exact opposite of always having language disputes and if you are educated on the topic the langauge issue in Belgium is always constanty a problem even if buying a house etc etc.

So if any Europeans can comment on this on why Switzerland is sucessfull at it and Belgium is not please answer. I think Belgium is still a nice country by the way and hopefully the southern part Wallonia can get back up to speed and be prosperous once again.