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Recommend a wireless router with advanced QoS

wireless qos router recommendation

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#1 Skittelor



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Posted 12 September 2013 - 09:32

Hey ya'll


I'm looking for a good wireless router (with latest and greatest features obviously) which has advanced QoS.


Let me explain what I'm looking for, so that you can give me appropriate recommendations

  • I need a router which can essentially breakup available bandwidth into parts and provide it to invidivual computers/devices.

For example, if my total bandwidth is 20 megs, I want the router to split the bandwidth into 10 and 10 and distribute it to 2 computers unconditionally. That way even if another computer is running torrents at 10 megs, I still have 10 megs to play with.

I am planning to use such a condition without any exceptions, however I would appreciate if the router has protocol based QoS too.

QoS is paramount! The more comprehensive the options, the better.

  • I'm looking for a minimum wireless speed of 100/150 Mbps, anything higher would be a bonus.
  • Please mention if your recommendation has a modem inbuilt. Although modem fuctionality is not essential, I would be happy if it did have it.
  • You will definitely ask me what my budget is. Answer is, I'm willing to spill if the router is worth it. That said, please dont point me to a corporate standard router. This is for use at home only.
  • A WiFi on/off button, support for guest SSIDs, 5 db antenna, usage logging and monitoring etc would sweeten the pot.

I have searched the forums for similar threads, but none matched my situation enough. If you have any questions, ask away.


Now then, networking gurus of Neowin. Lets begin discussing/debating so that I can decide on something that suits all my needs.


@mods: I have posted this where I felt appropriate. If it is wrongly posted, please do move it wherever necessary.

#2 Nashy


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 10:08

No physical WiFi button on this, but I've been using one of these far a while and am pretty happy with it.




I'm not 100% sure if it meets all of what you want.

#3 +BudMan


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 12:55

"For example, if my total bandwidth is 20 megs, I want the router to split the bandwidth into 10 and 10 and distribute it to 2 computers "

So your download and upload is 20mbps both ways? This is normally not the case with home connection.

So lets rate limit the wired port your connected too to 10Mbps -- but your upload is only 5, guess what your 1 p2p box just no killed the internet for everyone since there is no upload pipe left to send dns or requests for websites, etc.

What your asking is a bit more difficult than its sounds, especially with Asymmetric network connection.. And throwing wireless into the mix is even harder since this is shared bandwidth by the very nature of how it works and only 1 client actually able to talk at a time.

If you want to run p2p on your network, I would suggest it be wired and vs being worried about controlling it with limts or qos, just setup the client correctly to limit it what it does - every single torrent client I have ever seen allows to limit it download and upload speeds. It easier to do it there than at the router to be honest.

#4 Bray



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Posted 06 October 2013 - 06:49

Look at this site http://www.wirelessr...ireless-router/

#5 HawkMan


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Posted 06 October 2013 - 07:10

QoS is generally pretty useless or the downstream anyway.


Anyway the Asus Black Knight router(n version) has great QoS, and you can install Tomato on it which has some of the best QoS around.