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Xbox One could add game gifting after launch
By Emily Gera on Oct 31, 2013 at 8:00a @twitgera

Xbox One users may have the chance to gift games to friends after the launch of the new system, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb said in a Q&A session on Reddit.


Hyrb responded to a Reddit commenter asking whether a feature that allows you to share digital titles will be available at launch. "Great feature we'd like to add in someday, but won't be there at launch," he wrote.
Microsoft previously removed a promising "Family Sharing" option that would allow sharing a game library with family members, even when they're roaming off of the home console.


"As we move forward, I think we will continue to refine the best way to make it work but I'll say that it comes down to a pretty basic set of ideas," Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten told Polygon earlier in the year. "I just want, as much as possible, to replicate the experience that a typical family has with physical content with digital content."


Xbox One releases Nov. 22 in most regions.


Source: Polygon

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Gifting should be easy to put into place, I bet the publishers/developers want there to be a limit on it though.  I remember the original idea was that you could gift a game to a person on your friends list but that they couldn't in turn gift the same game over to a 3rd person and so on.   This makes sense to me actually, otherwise nothing stops you from buying it once and then just gifting it from one friend to the other and cutting the devs out of possible sales.


I also expect them to bring back parts of the family sharing plans though I'm sure those will have to be redone to support digital only and so on.  I still think all this stuff is coming sooner rather than later.

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